Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

финиш про АА

6. Conclusions

The mystical “TV-set” showing to Abraham the visions of the future is the propitiatory (being also the Throne of God).
This is the propitiatory of the heavenly Temple whose liturgical devices in the Holy of Holies are basically the same as in the eschatological Ezekiel Temple according to the Greek version of the book of Ezekiel. The main distinctive feature of this propitiatory is the lack of the ark at all.
The term for the propitiatory in the Semitic original of AA was a genuine Aramaic term, unknown to the Targumic and Rabbinic traditions but preserved in the Christian Syriac one.
For some reasons, it was read in the Hebrew (or, at least, preponderantly Hebrew) original of AA with connotations of “view” or “appearance” that resulted (through a Greek intermediary) in образование, образъ, образство in the Slavonic version.
Among these reasons one can enumerate those of two kinds:
1. really existing connotations of “seeing” in the Hebrew verb having the same root as Aramaic term חסא,
2. possibility of interchange between s and z in the Semitic proper names (and so, also the terms) in the Hellenistic epoch.

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