Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

чудо святителя Филарета (Возесенского)

+ 1985, нетленные мощи обретены в 1998.

дело происходит в Истинно-православной церкви Сербии, 9 января 2006.

Hieroschemamonk Akakie, leader of the True Orthodox Church of Serbia
under the omophorion of Archbishop Chrysostom (Kiousis) of Athens,
yesterday told me of the following extraordinary miracle.

It took place on the day of the Protomartyr Stephen earlier this year
in the women's monastery of New Stenik, which has just been built in a
very remote part of Serbia in spite of threats to destroy it coming
from the false patriarchate of Serbia (the nuns were expelled from Old
Stenik a few years ago because of their opposition to the heresy of

Nun Ipomoni (which means "patience" in Greek) suffers from very severe
asthma attacks. On this day, she had the most severe attack yet and
suffocated. For 20 minutes she did not breathe and her body was
without any sign of life. Now it should be noted that a few days
before this, the 10 nuns in this monastery led by Schema-Abbess
Euphrosyne had earnestly prayed to the Lord to give them the fear of

During the 20 minutes she was clinically dead Nun Ipomoni met several
demons in a dark tunnel; they got hold of her and were trying to drag
her to hell. It was a most terrifying experience. After 20 minutes,
Matushka Euphrosyne anointed her dead body with oil from the lampada
in front of the icon of St. Philaret of New York. At the moment when
the oil touched her head, which felt like an electric shock, she
revived and began to move. For some afterwards, she was still very
weak and wept all the time. But the next day Fr. Akakie arrived at the
monastery, served the liturgy for three days in a row, communed her
and gave her the sacrament of Holy Unction. Now she has fully
recovered. She feels well, walks and even prepares food.

This whole incident has had a very beneficial effect on all of the
nuns. Their prayer to receive the fear of God was answered. And they
ardently thank God and his great hierarch, St. Philaret of New York.

Vladimir Moss

надеюсь, что Владимир Мосс достаточно точно изложил свой разговор с о.Акакием.
о.Акакий мне известен лично, и я ему полностью доверяю.

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