Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

Judaica в Москве

via aorlovВпервые в истории этой научной организации Конгресс Европейской Ассоциации Еврейских Исследований будет проходить в Москве в июле этого года (23-27 июля). Это будет хорошая возможность послушать доклады таких известных учёных как Pieter W. van der Horst, Daniel Boyarin ("Dying for God"), Nicholas de Lange ("Origen and the Jews"), Sacha Stern, Philip Alexander ("3 Enoch"), Tessa Rajak и многих других. Программа конгресса только что опубликована и может быть найдена здесь:

Вот некоторые интересные темы докладов:

Midrash Leqah Tov - Reading Rabbinic Literature in Byzantium

A Byzantine Judaism: Towards a New Category

Greek Ecclesiastes: the Character of a Developing Jewish Translation Tradition

Fear of Death in the Legislative Texts from Qumran

Maps of Divinity - Graphic Representation in Lurianic Kabbalah

Traditional Literary Jewish Greek. Proposals for the New Descriptive Model

Lurianic Kabbalah in Blavatsky’s “The Secret Doctrine”

The Mystification of Kabbala and the Myth of Jewish Mysticism

Textual Variants in the Constantinopolitan Pentateuch

Seekers of the Shekhina. A Description of an Unknown Era in the History of Jewish Mysticism

Boundaries and Orthodoxy in Hellenistic Judaism

Love and Hatred in the Gospel of Matthew and in the Qumran Scrolls in the Light of Purity Concerns

The Messiah as an Infant and as a Child in Megillat Setarim by R. Nahman of Bratzlav and the Messianic Ferment of 1806: New Discoveries

Boundaries and Borders in Early Rabbinic Judaism. The Case of the Gentile in Mishnah
Moses' Father Speaks Out

The Influence of the Vulgate on the Esther Midrashim

Hellenism in Jewish Babylonia

Time in Rabbinic Texts: a New Type of Diachronic Difference

Rabbinic Texts: Construction or Deconstruction?

Black Hundreds and Jews

Egyptian Judeo-Arabic Translations of Sacred Texts

The Ancestors' Prayers for the Salvation of Israel in Early Rabbinic Thought

Asceticism in Rabbinic Culture: Moses’ Celibacy Story

Poverty as power in Late Antiquity or, the story of Hadrian and the old man as a Jewish-Christian
Roman polemic.

The Land of Israel as Sacred Space: In Search of a Meaningful Perspective in Halakhic Thought

Jewish Topic in Eisenstein’s Movies: National, Religious, Ideological…

New Perspective on the Qumran Damascus Document in the Light of the Sectarian Exegesis

Past and Present Perspectives in Targum Studies: The Problem of Defining Targum

The Prospects and Potentials of a Narratological Approach to the Pentateuch Targums

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