Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

Church politics, a bit

Владимир Мосс мне любезно прислал копию своего сообщения на Парадосисе:

Peter Chaplain and Benjamin Waterhouse recently claimed that they had heard that the Romanian Old Calendarists still retained ties with ROCOR. I asked the Cyprianite Bishop Ambrose of Methone whether this was true. He replied today:

Indeed it is not! They completely share our point of view. They were unable to understand the purpose of Fr. Alexander Lebedev's visit there... We have followed with amazement the combination of muddle and obfuscation eminating from the Sobor, and can only wonder if the bishops will eventually make it clear what they want. It is indicative of the climate in relation to what in theory are still their sister churches of Bulgaria and Romania that not even an observer from them was invited (though a Serbian bishop participated), and no mention of them was made at all except in Fr. Luke's doklad. Archbishop Mark's comment, on the other hand, that the ROCA got involved in Russia just to save them from falling into the hands of the Greek Old Calendarists is breathtakingly dishonest. Christ is risen! +A.

Vladimir Moss

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