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"включи компьютер детка, классно в сумерках богов"...

это я всё дописывал свою статью про Послание к Евреям (не мое; это из Нового Завета). выложу здесь финальную часть.

7. Recapitulatio: What does this all about?


A study of both liturgical time and liturgical space of the Epistle to the Hebrews leads us to a sanctuary on Mt Sion considered as the eschatological Holy of Holies.

A Joshua tradition as reflected in a fragmentary Palestinian Aramaic Targum to Joshua and in 4Q522 is responsible for both distribution of the major feasts in “Hebrews” community’s calendar and community main sanctuary’s Sion localization.

The liturgy of the community of the “Hebrews” has had no connection to the official services in the Temple on Temple Mount, regardless to possible date of the Hebrews (before or after 70 AD). The date of 70 AD must be excluded from the discussion of the date of the Hebrews.

The Sion sanctuary was sevenfold, as it is testified by later Christian traditions, and the liturgy within this sanctuary was of the same type as that of the Qumranic Songs of the Sacrifice of Sabbath. The theology of angelic priesthood, as it is exposed in these Songs, is, most probably, aimed by the author of the Hebrews when he tries to apply over a conception of angelic priesthood his conception of the priesthood according to the order of Melchizedek.

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