Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

ts на заметку

о святых бородатых женщинах (была такая тема в последние дни на Byzance-list). по поводу одной католич. святой (деканонизированной в 1969 г. за фиктивность -- очередная жертва 2-го Ватикана!):

Still, a type of saint with so many manifestations (as you
point out) must have had quite some appeal. If I recall correctly, St
Uncumber was said to have been granted a beard so that she would not be
forced into marriage, and as a consequence her aid was sought in prayer by
those women who faced unwanted matrimony or who wished to be unencumbered of
their husbands.

и нашим блудопоклонникам на заметку: как законно избежать христианского брака.

ЗЫ никто да не подумает, что лжеюзер ts тоже святая женщина... ну, или хотя бы бородатая. т.е. я, по кр. мере, ничего не замечал.

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