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Scrinium 4

это план номера, чтобы ничего не забыть и не перепутать. также здесь уже окончательное распределение по разделам и названия разделов (прошу этого либо придерживаться, либо тут же и возразить).

Patrologia Pacifica

V. Baranov, B. Lourie, Preface (не написано; это надо очень коротко, о конференциях WPRPA и их отношении теперь к Скр, на англ.).

Vladimir Baranov. Byzantine Doctrines on the Resurrected Body of Christ and Their Parallels in Late Antiquity.
Miyako Demura. Origen as Biblical Scholar in his Commentary on the Gospel according to Matthew XVII,29
Emmanuel Hirschauer. Origen's Interpretation of Luke 1:35: "The Power of the Most High will Overshadow You".
Wendy Mayer. John Chrysostom's use of Luke 16:19-31.
Shigeki Tsuchihashi. The Theological and Philosophical Background of Basil of Caesarea's Trinitarian Theory ? Focusing on the comparison between his works and "his" Ep. 38 .

Other Patristic Studies

Tedros Abraha. Controversie sul Sabato e sul Millennio
Dm. Birjukov. The Strategies of Naming in Polemic between Eunomius and Basil of Caesarea in Context of Antic philosophical Tradition.
D. F. Bumazhnov. The Jews in a neglected early Christian writing "The Word of Saint Barsabas, Archbishop of Jerusalem, about our Saviour Jesus Christ and the churches".
I. M. Gritsevskaya. Book Inquisition in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries Russia.
Nestor Kavvadas. Some observations on the theological anthropology of Isaac of Nineveh and its sources.
K. Kovalchuk. The Encaenia of St Sophia: Animal Sacrifice in a Christian Context.
B. Lourié, Michel Psellos contre Maxime le Confesseur : l'origine de l' " hérésie des physéthésites "
D. I. Makarov. The Target of George Pachymeres' Polemics in his Treatise on the Holy Spirit.
T. Schyukin. The iconoclasm of John Italos.
Kassia Senina, La confession de Theophane et Theodore les Graptoi : remarques et precisions


Lyubov Kostogryzova. Some notes about the religious policy of Justinian the Great.
Vladimir A. Livshits. The Sogdian "Ancient Letters" (I-III)
Kassia Senina. Notices sur l'atmosphère intellectuelle à l'époque du second iconoclasme
1. Le fondement théologique du dialogue des frères Graptoi et Jean le Grammarien
dans la Vie de Michel le Syncelle
2. Saint Théodore le Stoudite, l'empereur Michel II et Thomas le Slave
3. Le Philosophe et le Théologien : à propos de l'homélie de Léon le Mathematicien sur l'Annonciation
4. Η γυνη φιλόσοφος: S. Cassia de Constantinople et Platon
Dan D.Y. Shapira. Iconoclasts And Khazars, A Note


Elena Bormotova, Bibliographie du R.P. Michel van Esbroeck, s.j. (Addenda et Corrigenda)
Z. Isidorova, Russian hagiography. The review of major scholarly studies published in St.-Petersburg in the last five years (2002-2007)
G. Kessel, N. Seleznyov, Syrian Christianity: Recent Bibliography in Russian.
St. Maximus the Confessor: His Polemics against Origenism and Monoenergism / Compiled by Gregory Benevich, Dmitri Biryukov, Arkadi Choufrine. St. Petersburg, Russia: UP, 2007. (Byzantine Philosophy Т. 1; Smaragdos Philocalias). 564 p. (Summary)
Аннотация книжки о Филарете (Вознесенском).

(в этом же разделе еще какие-то рецензии, мои в частности).

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