Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

Повествование Агапия

Richard Pope прислал мне библиографию своих статей по теме.

"On the Fate of Utopian Apocryphal Apocalypses among the South and East Slavs: The Narration of Our Father Agapius," Canadian Contributions to the IX International Congress of Slavists, Kiev 1983, Canadian Slavonic Papers, Vol. XXV, No. l (March, 1983), pp. 1 12.

"The Greek Text of `The Narration of Our Father Agapios the Syrian'," Cyrillomethodianum, VIII IX (1984 1985), 233 260.

"The Narration of Our Father Agapius in English Translation from the Uspenskii sbornik," in Norman Ingham, ed., The Church and Religious Culture in Old Rus' a special issue of Canadian-American Slavic Studies, vol. 25, Nos. 1-4 (1991), pp. 225-36.

Also of possible interest:

"On Editing Contaminated Texts," in Studia Slavica Mediaevalia et Humanistica: Riccardo Picchio Dicata, II (Rome: Edizioni Dell'ateneo, 1986), pp. 585-594.

“Nekotorye mysli po povodu izdanija srednevekovykh slavjanskikh tekstov,” (Some Thoughts on Editing Medieval Slavic Texts), Trudy otdela drevnerusskoj literatury, 50 (1996), 242-51. The Festschrift for Academician D.S. Likhachev.

“On Contamination, Multiple Exemplars, and Establishing the History of Collated Texts,” Rus’ i juzhnye slavjane. Ed. V.M. Zagrebin. St. Petersburg: Aletejia, 1998, 289-294.

на эту тему у меня было здесь и здесь.

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