Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

еще шутки того же афтара

Among educated people this led to a vogue for mystical teachings, and sometimes
mystical sects, especially those . avoured with Protestant pietism. This was true even
of great ascetic writers such as Theophan the Recluse (1815–94), a retired bishop who
translated many monastic and spiritual texts from Greek into Russian. In his early
works, he found favour with fashionable Protestant authors in matters relating to the
theological background of Christian asceticism, such as the vision of the divine light,
which was of course part of the Orthodox Hesychast tradition.

Among the educated people, this leads to coming into vogue of mystical teachings, sometimes, mystical sects, especially flavoured of protestant pietism. Even some great ascetic writers such as, e.g., Theophane the Recluse (Govorov; 1815-1894), a retired bishop who translated into Russian from Greek a great deal of ascetic writings, in his original works, as G. Florovsky observed first, seconds the fashionable protestant authors in the matters related to the dogmatic background of the ascetism, such as the vision of the light.

у меня было про протестантский пиетизм Феофана затворника вовсе не в "ранних" трудах, а в "оригинальных", т.е. в тех, что он сам писал (и вообще-то тут как раз поздние имелись в виду), а про его видение света я как раз и написал, что оно было протестантским, а не исихастским, как меня тут "дополнили" ))

вот еще абракадабра:

The story had a positive side to it, however: it illustrated the distance
separating the Hesychast tradition from the teaching of St Gregory Palamas, and the
theological distance separating the members of the Synod and the episcopate from the monastics.

конечно, у меня была тяжелая фраза, но исихастскую традицию от Григория Паламы отделял не я! а вот что у меня было:

This story had had a positive side demonstrating the distance between the hesychast tradition and teaching of St Gregory Palamas, on the one hand, and the theological background of the most of members of the Synod and episcopate, on the other.

неохота мне в этом копаться дальше. впервые встречаюсь с редактурой, заметно меняющей текст, но не показываемой автору (редактор очень торопился все сдать и гранок не высылал).

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