Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

Библия на грабаре

появилось доступное изд. сабж. в 3 томах, общей стоимостью меньше 100 долл.
размещаю под катом информационное письмо издателей.
Greetings, in collaboration with the Bible Society of Armenia published the critical edition of the Classical Armenian Bible (aka "The Zohrab Bible"). It is available as of now at our website:

The edition is split into 3 volumes due to Lulu's 800-page limit per volume:

Vol I: Genesis - Nehemiah (773 pages)
Vol II: Esther - Ezekiel (799 pages)
Vol III: New Testament and Additions (538 pages)

This is the ancient Armenian text of 5th century translated out of the Greek (Septuagint) and Syriac (Peshitta) sources and should not be confused with the modern Armenian translations based on the MT. I wrote a very brief Introduction in English specifically for this edition but I didn't go into the history of the text and the purposes/plan behind this work because these issues were very thoroughly explained in the original Introduction written by Dr Zohrabian which is included in the Vol I of our edition.

The base text and the apparatus (of over 30,000 readings) is based on the work of Dr H Zohrabian (western spelling "Zohrapean") published by the Mechitarist Congregation of St Lazarus in 1805 in Venice. This is why it is commonly known as "The Zohrab Bible". It is the only critical edition of this ancient text and so it is cited by the scholarly editions such as BHS, NA27, Cambridge LXX and others whenever they refer to the "arm" witness. The original has been out of print for many years and the only way to access the great wealth of material collected by Dr Zohrabian was (until today) via poor quality facsimile edition available at $200 (inc shipping). Our edition costs half as much and is much more readable because:

a) it was re-typeset using modern technologies

b) it uses a larger font size both for the text and apparatus, as well as "ancient editorial" material throughout the Bible (ancient armenian chapter lists, ancient introductions to individual books etc).

c) last but not least --- all the abbreviations used in the original have been expanded. (I should have mentioned that the original 1805 edition uses abbreviations for nomina sacra and many common words which makes it harder to read for those without prior experience with such abbreviated texts).

All 82 books are included in exactly the same order as in the original 1805 edition.

We spent almost 2 years on typesetting this work and many years prior to this were spent on entering the actual data into electronic form.

The book is typeset using the latest version of the state-of-the-art technologies such as XeLaTeX and OpenType and professionally designed (commercial, bought by myself) fonts with several dozens of ligatures which simulate the "look and feel" of the typefaces used in original 1805 edition. All other features of the original such as lettrines, ornamental decorations, pictures etc are also preserved.

We hope you enjoy studying this Bible and would appreciate any feedback you might have.


PS. As with all publications the books are sold strictly at the cost of printing+shipping. These prices are set by the print-on-demand provider ( in our case) and we have no influence over them.

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