Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

новый журнал по востоковедению

включая Христианский Восток: Orientalia Parthenopea
организован довольно молодой группой итальянцев в 2005.

Associazione Culturale Orientalia Parthenopea


The main objectives of the Cultural Association Orientalia Parthenopea is the promotion of an intense editorial campaign of considerable scholarly value, in support of researchers and students in oriental studies. With the same objective in mind, several of the founding members of the Association already in 2005 started the publication of Orientalia Parthenopea Journal, which has already reached its 8th issue.

All scholars, for whom qualitative research methodology are basic perspectives of orientalistic disciplines, are welcomed to submit their articles and support our initiative. There will be published empirical, theoretical and methodological articles applicable to all fields and specializations within orientalistic disciplines.

Subject Coverage
Topics include, but are not limited to, the following: History, Archaeology, Art, Medicine, Linguistics, Literature, Comparative Studies, Philosophy, Religion, etc.

The editorial board of Orientalia Parthenopea reserves for itself the right to use national or even international referees to evaluate the quality of the articles sent to it before publishing them.
All those who would like to submit any of their work can send it to the address of the Editorial Board (Orientalia Parthenopea - Via Genova, 116 – 80143 – Napoli - Italia) attaching a printout of the text, file, any particular sources and all information necessary to contact the author.
Papers are accepted in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish; those written in languages other than English must be accompanied by an English abstract

Deadline: Papers for the 9th issue are due March 30, 2009.
Deadline: Papers for the 10th issue are due September 30, 2009.

Format: To facilitate the review process, please submit your abstract as an rtf. file. Please follow our editorial rules .

For more information on Orientalia Parthenopea Journal and to consult the indexes of our previous numbers:
On the other hand, all those who would like to have their books reviewed should send them to the office of the Association.
In order to buy Orientalia Parthenopea Journal please contact the Editorial Board.

For info:

The President
Giovanni Borriello

Dr. Giovanni Borriello
Ass. Culturale Orientalia Parthenopea
Via Genova, 116
80143 - Napoli
tel./fax 081.285132 - cell. 349.6611470

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