Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

еще Нейгебауэр

с ним меня роднит еще маниакальная страсть к созданию международных журналов. вот что происходило в 1938 г. с его Централблаттом (цитата из статьи Свердлова):

Throughout this entire period, as conditions continued to deteriorate in Germany, there was concern about Zbl, edited by Neugebauer with the assistance of his wife in Copenhagen and published by Springer in Berlin. On March 14, 1938, Wilhelm Blaschke of Hamburg, a member of the board of editors, wrote to him that in his opinion it appeared that the number of German contributors and the proportion of the German language in Zbl had declined steadily, and if this continued there would sooner or later be difficulties for the publisher. Neugebauer sent a sharp reply. From its first day, he wrote, Zbl had been an international journal using the most qualified reviewers. If the proportion of English had increased, this was simply because the production of mathematics in America had increased and the most competent reviewers happened to be American. (In fact, at that time about half the 300 or so reviewers were in America and England and only about 60 in Germany, with entire fields completely unrepresented. And many of the reviews in German were actually written by Russians.) The changes intended by Blaschke would have destroyed Zbl, and in the fall the threat became a reality.

это ответ на вопрос, почему в Скриниуме так мало русского языка. вот ужо: будет том памяти Мурьянова, там в лингвистическом разделе будет можно писать по-русски (т.к. будет славистика; но в других разделах того же тома -- категорически нельзя).


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