Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

река Евфрат и Апок. 9, 14-15

в продолжение сего.

ср. в манихейской "Книге гигантов" (ed. Henning, англ. пер., поиск на four angels).
в 1Q23 13.1 тоже "четыре".

та же традиция в 1QM IX 14-17 (Рафаил, Михаил, Гавриил, Сариил). это 1Q33, но нижние строки, которые в ркп. обглоданы (хорошее фото в Brill 1999 не оч. помогает).

Евфрат как граница земли, данной Аврааму: 1QapGen ar XXI:

8 Blank God appeared to me in a night vision and said to me: Go up to Ramat Hazor, which is to the North of 9 Bethel, the place where you are living; raise your eyes and look to the East, to the West, to the South and to the North. Look at all 10 this land, which I am giving you and your descendants for ever. The following morning I went up to Ramat Hazor and looked at the land from 11 that height, from the River of Egypt up to Lebanon and Senir, and from the Great Sea up to Hauran, and all the land of Gebal up to Qadesh, and all the 12 Great Desert which there is to the East of Hauran and Senir as far as the Euphrates. And he said to me: I shall give all this land to your descendants and they will inherit it forever. 13 I will multiply your descendants like the dust of the earth which no-one can count. In the same way, your descendants will be innumerable. Get up, walk its length and breadth, 14 and see how great is its length and how great is its width. For, I shall give it to you, to you and to your descendants after you, for all the centuries.

из комментаторов Апокалипсиса никто, кажется, это конкретно не комментирует. тока общие слова.

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