Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

вывешу на видное место

чтобы мне на забыть думать о докладе в сентябре -- его аннотация:

 Dionysius Areopagite as Peter Iberian: M. van Esbroeck’s thesis more than dix ans après 

     In two papers published in 1993 and 1998 Michel van Esbroeck explained his reasons to “revisit” the thesis of Shalva Nutsubidze and Ernst Honigmann that it is Peter Iberian who was the main author of the Corpus Areopagiticum in 460s (the Corpus being expanded, especially by short letters, and reattributed to Dionysius after Peter’s death in 491). Since then, van Esbroeck’s study has been mostly ignored, with rare exceptions such as A. M. Ritter (1994, critically) and myself (2001, additional proofs). Now the discussion must be continued.


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