Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

оссуарий апостола Иакова, брата Господня

на западных сайтах новостей полно информации, и даже с картинками, об этой находке. я процитирую из дискуссии на X-Talk'e (лист по НЗ) мнение специалиста по палеографии (обсуждался вопрос о датировке надписи):
> With regard to the inscription being mid to late 1st century in date, is
> this dating due to it being an ossuary (which were most popular 1C BCE and
> 1C CE) or in the script itself? If the latter, how is the relative date
> determined? Being an inscription, and a nicely carved one at that, can the
> date be pinned down so exactly?

Yes. The palaeography is what convinces me that this ossuary is pre-70 CE.
I don't see the inscription as unusually "nicely carved" however, and equate
it to many other ossuarial inscriptions I have seen. It is, IMO, on the
"upper end" of ossuarial inscriptions rather than the cursive near-graffiti
of many. I have noticed that the orthography of the name "Joseph" yhsf"
appears to be the same as that on the Caiaphas ossuary which dates to the
same period.. The qofs are similar as are the extended fehs, albeit
hurriedly incused on the Caiaphas ossuary and inscribed much better on the
James ossuary.

Jack Kilmon

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