Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

Scrinium 5 (2009)


Édité par Andrei Orlov et Basile Lourié






Andrei S. Slutskij (St Petersburg). Early Slavonic Versions of the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts

Andrei A. Orlov. (Milwaukee, WI) Eschatological Yom Kippur in the Apocalypse of Abraham: Part I. The Scapegoat Ritual

Silviu N. Bunta. (Dayton, OH) “Your Own of Your Own”: Jewish Adam Speculations and Christian Liturgy in the Slavonic and Romanian Life of Adam and Eve

Bogdan G. Bucur, (Pittsburgh, PA) "The Mountain of the Lord": Sinai, Zion, and Eden in Byzantine Hymnographic Exegesis  

Fr. Jack Custer. (Pittsburgh, PA) Inspired Word and Spiritual Worship: How Byzantine Hymnography Interprets Sacred Scripture
Stéphane Verhelst. (Jérusalem) Les prières de l’ambon de la Liturgie de saint Jacques 

Dmitry F. Bumazhnov. (Tübingen) Das Charisma in der christlichen Gnosis und im frühen ägyptischen Mönchtum

Dragos Giulea. (Milwaukee, WI) The Heavenly Fire Working the Earth of the Heart: Origen, Antony, Pseudo-Macarius, and the Internalization of the Image of Divine Fire
Nestor Kavvadas. (Tübingen) Theology of Language and Liturgical Prayer in Isaac of Nineveh
Leena Mari Peltomaa. (Vienna) Role of the Virgin Mary at the Siege Of Constantinople in 626

Tatiana Borisova. (Athens) To the Problem of the Reconstruction of the Early Stages of the History of the Church Slavonic Translation of the Akathistos  Hymn

Tatiana A. Sénina (moniale Kassia). (St Pétersbourg) Remarques sur le canon des défunts écrit par S. Cassia de Constantinople
Youhanna Nessim Youssef. (Virginia, Australia) The psalis for the consecration of the church (revisited)

Constanta Costea. (Bucharest) Earlier Versions of Patriarch Germanus’ Homily On the Cross and the Icons

Basil Lourié. (St Petersburg) Courts of Solomon, A Jewish Collection

Basil Lourié. (St Petersburg) Slavonic Texts Of Hard Fate: The Prophecy of Solomon and Some Others

Tatiana A. Senina (moniale Kassia). (СПб) Un saint fouette un autre : Théoktistos le logothète et Euthyme de Sardes
Youhanna Nessim Youssef. (Virginia, Australia) Two notes on the Coptic Theotokias


Татьяна Л. Вилкул. (Киев) По поводу рецензии П. В. Лукина «Деконструкция деконструкции»

Павел В. Лукин. (Москва) Нужно ли нам «новаторство»? (Об ответе Т.Л. Вилкул)


Michel Stavrou, Nicéphore Blemmydès, Œuvres théologiques. Introduction, texte critique, traduction et notes. Tome I (Basile Lourié)

Tedros Abreha, Il Gädl di Abuna Demyanos santo eritreo (Alessandro Bausi)
Nouvelles publications de l'Institut de la littérature russe (Maison de Pouchkine) sur la littérature ancienne de la Russie (Basile Lourié)

Bibliographie du R. P. Michel van Esbroeck, s.j. Addenda.

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