Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory


пока еще немного черновой текст циркуляра. но дело уже пошло. я это воспринимаю как проект, прямо завещанный мне МвЭ.

The Coming of the Comforter: When, Where, and to Whom? Studies on the Rise of Islam in Memory of John Wansbrough
Edited by Carlos A. Segovia, Alessandro Bausi, and Basil Lourié
(Orientalia Judaica Christiana; Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias Press)

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We would wish to publish a volume in memory of John Wansbrough on the “sectarian milieu” out of which Islam presumably emerged prior to becoming an autonomous religious entity. Our main concern is to explore the different chronologies and geographies one should alternatively look at and those religious components one should likewise take into account if attempting to define both the boundaries of and some of the conceptual, exegetical, and liturgical elements taken and reworked by formative Islam from that hypothetical “sectarian milieu.” In rigour, we are not only interested in the historical-critical study of Islamic origins, but also in the study of the Christian and Jewish milieus that could have influenced the rise of Islam between the 6th and the 8th centuries. Accordingly, our projected volume shall cover different fields of study.

Such an approach is especially helpful in the frame of the series where we are planning to publish our volume, “Orientalia Judaica Christiana” ( This series is published as a supplement to Scrinium: Revue de patrologie, d’hagiographie critique et d’histoire ecclésiastique ( and

We would be highly honoured if you accept to contribute in our collective work. Moreover, we would also appreciate if you could provide us with your generous advice regarding other possible authors which in your view could be interested in and thus become part of our project.

Please let us know your impressions and suggestions.

Yours most sincerely,

Carlos A. Segovia, Ph.D.
Visiting Professor in Islamic Studies

Alessandro Bausi, Ph.D.
Universitäts Professor für „Äthiopistik“
Hamburg, Germany

Basile Lourié, Dr. habil.    
Rédacteur en chef     
Scrinium. Revue de patrologie, d’hagiographie critique et d’histoire ecclésiastique 


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