Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

Важное свидетельство в неожиданном месте

о том, как Нильс Бор придумал идею дополнительности.

Let me say now what Niels
Bohr told me. The idea of complementarity in quantum theory, he
said, came to him as he thought of the impossibility of considering his
son simultaneously in the light of love and in the light of justice, the
son just having voluntarily confessed that he had stolen a pipe from a
local shop. His brooding set him to thinking about the vases and the
faces in the trick figure-ground pictures: you can see only one at a time.
And then the impossibility of thinking simultaneously about the position
and the velocity of a particle occurred to him.

Jerome Bruner, Actual Minds, Possible Worlds (1986), p. 51.

вообще, очень интересная книга. если бы я этого философа читал раньше, то не стал бы заниматься изобретением хотя бы некоторых из моих велосипедов.

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