Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

Scrinium 6 (2010)

примерный план тома, только раздел основных статей, только то, что "точно есть" (есть еще кое-какие обещания, которые в список ниже не включены):

Patrologia Pacifica Secunda and Other Patristic Studies (Scrinium: Revue de patrologie, d’hagiographie critique et d’histoire ecclésiastique, vol. 6). 2010.

Patrologia Pacifica Secunda

Preface: Kazuhiko Demura (Tokyo).

Pauline Allen. How to Study Episcopal Letter-Writing in Late Antiquity: An Overview of Published Work on the Fifth and Sixth centuries

Vladimir Baranov (Novosibirsk). Constructing the Underground Community: The Letters of Theodore the Studite and the Letter of Emperor Michael II to Louis the Pious.

Phil J. Botha (Pretoria). Ephrem the Syrian’s Fictitious Use of the Epistolary Form in his “First Discourse for Hypatius”

Miyako Demura (Sendai). Reception of Pauline Letters and the Formation of the Canonical Principle in Origen of Alexandria

Koos Kritzinger (Pretoria). Jerome on Letters and Letter-writing

Junghoo Kwon. Letters of Eusebius of Vercelli and the Authorship of the De Trinitate: Did Eusebius of Vercelli Write the Pseudo-Athanasian De Trinitate?

Basil Lourie (St. Petersburg). Dionysius the Areopagite as Peter the Iberian: M. van Esbroeck’s Thesis More Than dix ans après

Sung Hyun Nam (Seoul). Traces Historiques des Onze Monastères fondés par Pachôme, Père du Coenobium, un essai de synthèse des sources variées

Hennie Stander (Pretoria). Chrysostom on Letters and Letter-writing

Manabu Tsuji (Hiroshima). Beyond the Original Context: Reception of the Pauline Letters in the First Century

Youhanna Nessim Youssef (Melbourne). The Synodical Letter from Severus to John of Alexandria

Other Patristic Studies

Dmitry Afinogenov (Moscow). Odna neobychnaya grecheskaya “dushepoleznaya” povest [One unusual Greek narration “for the use of the soul”]. -- это публикация греч. текста.

Kateryna Kovalchuk (Leuven). Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem and St Sophia of Constantinople: (An attempt at) discovering a hagiographic expression/hagiography of the Byzantine Encaenia feast.

Appendix: Levan Gegineishvili (Tbilisi): Homily of John of Bolnisi concerning the consecration of Holy Churches in Jerusalem

Sung Hyun NAM (Seoul).. ‘L’évergète pauvre’ dans la littérature hagiographique.

Kassia Senina (St. Petersburg). Un palamite russe du début du XXème siècle : le hiéromoine Antoine Boulatovitch et sa doctrine sur l’énergie divine

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