Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

Покров Пресвятыя Богородицы

выложил черновик статьи о происхождении этого праздника и заодно -- это самостоятельный предмет интереса -- о культе св. Григория Просветителя в Византии.
там не отполирован английский, содержится ссылка на Note 2 (о мощах Андрея Юродивого в К.поле -- я ее потом напишу, там все равно ничего интересного, а пока что там Note 2 о другом), нет никакого резюме -- но поэтому я выкладываю и подробное оглавление.


Part One: Byzantino-Slavica 1
1.1. Introduction 1
1.2. Theoretical Impossibility of the “Russian” Approach 3
1.3. Wortley’s Hypothesis 4
1.4. The Christian Community in Kiev in the Time of Patriarch Euthymius 5
1.5. A South Slavic Alternative 6
1.6. The Original Meaning of the Feast of Pokrov According to Pachomius Logothetos 6
1.7. BHG 1136d: a Greek Homily on the Pokrov 8
1.7.1. Greek Original and Its Pseudepigraphic Authorship 8
1.7.2. Liturgical Setting and Contents: Pokrov Vigil 9
1.7.3. Author: Patriarch Euthymius 10
1.8. The Prolog sermon on the Pokrov 11
1.8.1. Contents 11
1.8.2. Relation to the Life of Andrew the Salos 12
1.8.3. Author 13
1.9. Conclusion to the Byzantino-Russian Dossier 14
Part Two: Armeno-Byzantina 15
2.1. Introduction 15
2.2. The Discovery of the Relics of St Gregory under Patriarch Photius 15
2.2.1. Historical Context 15
2.2.2. Precise Place: τὰ Καριανοῦ monastery near Blachernae 16
Note 1: van Esbroeck’s identification of the monastery τὰ Καριανοῦ with the monastery of Staurakios 18
2.2.3. Date: between 862 and 867 19
2.2.4. The Date of the Liturgical Commemoration 19
2.3. Gregory the Illuminator and Isaac the Parthian as the Saints of the Macedonian Dynasty 22
2.3.1. Isaac the Parthian in Photius’ Cult of St Gregory the Illuminator 22
2.3.2. St Gregory the Illuminator in the Cult of St Patriarch Stephen 24
2.3.3. The Cult of St Gregory the Illuminator under Patriarch Nicholas Mystikos 25
2.3.4. An Alternative to the Vision of St Sahak: the Apocalypse of Andrew the Salos 26
2.4. The Veneration of the “Pokrov” before the Feast of the Pokrov 27
2.4.1. Photius, 860: the Discovery of the “Pokrov” 27
2.4.2. When “Pokrov” Becomes “Omophorion/Maphorion” 29
2.4.3. A Secondary “Pokrov” Cult: Maphorion of St Theophano 31
2.4.4. How “Pokrov” Becomes “Omophorion/Maphorion” 32
2.4.5. The Bishop “Maphorion” of St Gregory the Illuminator 33
2.4.6. Why “Pokrov” Becomes “Omophorion/Maphorion” 35
2.5. Conclusion to the Armeno-Byzantine Dossier 36
Note 2: A Tentative Reconstruction of a Liturgical Cycle Possibly Related to the Vision of St Andrew within the Life of Andrew the Salos 36
Part Three: the Feast of the Pokrov within the Cycle of St Gregory the Illuminator 37
3.1. The Marian Relics and the Wives of Leo the Wise 38
3.2. Symbolical Nature of the Date of 1 October 39
3.3. The Autumn Commemorations of St Gregory the Illuminator and His Companions in Constantinople 40
3.4. Choice of 1 October for the Pokrov Feast 41
Excursus: St Gregory the Illuminator’s Feast on 30 September 42
1. Peeters’ Hypothesis 42
2. The Dormition of the Theotokos and the Dedication of the Cathedral of Etchmiadzin 44
3. Baptism of Armenia’s Dates in the Agathangelos 45
4. Two Remnants of Earlier St Gregory’s Commemorations: 20 Sahmi and 20 Hoṙi 45
5. The Pentecost after the Dormition of the Theotokos 46
6. The New Year on 1 Navasard and the Dormition of the Theotokos 47

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