Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory


выложил пдф вот этой моей публикации (на Амазоне ее листать пока что нельзя):

Between Babylonia and Ethiopia: Some Thought about a Recent Book on the Qumranic Calendars (Jonathan Ben-Dov, Head of All Years. Astronomy and Calendars at Qumran and Their Ancient Context)

Scrinium. Revue de patrologie, d’hagiographie critique et d’histoire ecclésiastique 6 (2010) 413–432

там в конце сформулировано мое главное впечатление от проблематики:
In the 1950s, after the first publications of the Qumran discoveries, the
scholarly community started to realise how much of early Christianity
was Jewish. I believe it is now time to start realising how much Second
Temple Judaism was Babylonian.

это для меня главное научное впечатление года.

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