Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

Scrinium 7 (2011): Table des matières

Ars Christiana

In memoriam Michail F. Murianov (21.XI 1928—6.VI 1995)

Edited by Roman Krivko, Basil Lourié, and Andrei Orlov.

будет чуть больше, чем обычно, русского и даже чуть-чуть болгарского. это из-за специфики интересов Мурьянова. по той же причине будет чуть-чуть лингвистики, которая бывает в Скриниуме только по особым случаям.

И. В. МУРЬЯНОВА. Михаил Фёдорович Мурьянов (21.XI.1928 – 6.VI.1995). Биографический очерк (Russian/English)


Andrei A. ORLOV. The Garment of Azazel in the Apocalypse of Abraham

Sharon PACE. The Akedah: A Diverse Sampling from Antiquity and the Middle Ages

А. В. ГРИГОРЬЕВ. Пушкинский «отрок Библии» и евангельский «блудный сын»


Dmitry AFINOGENOV. The Story of an Unworthy Priest from the Codex Parisinus Gr. 1632

Grigory BENEVICH. John Philoponus and Maximus the Confessor at the crossroads of philosophical and theological thought in Late Antiquity

Constanta COSTEA. Constantinopolitan Echoes in Sixteenth-Century Moldavian Illustrations of the Akathistos Hymn

Alexandra EVDOKIMOVA. «The first antirrhetic answering the main points in illegal speeches by John heresiarchus, lekanaruspex and ex-parhedros of Byzantium against the Christ’s image, or rather against the true incarnation of God’s son». The first edition of the manuscript Escorial Y-II-7 200-205

Anna KREININA. The Life of Theophano the Empress: the Slavonic Recension of an Unknown Byzantine Original

B. LOURIÉ. The Feast of Pokrov, Its Byzantine Origin, and the Cult of Gregory the Illuminator and Isaac the Parthian (Sahak Part`ev) in Byzantium


Roman KRIVKO. A Typology of Byzantine Office Menaia of the Ninth–Fourteenth Centuries.

Tatiana A. SENINA (moniale Kassia). Remarques sur les canons en l’honneur des saints patriarches Taraise et Méthode de Constantinople

Радослава СТАНКОВА. Kулт и химнография: служби за български светци в писмената традиция от хііі–хіv в.

Youhanna Nessim YOUSSEF. The litanies for the King in the Coptic liturgy

Олег Ф. ЖОЛОБОВ. К истории «уставных чтений»: древнеславянский Паренесис Ефрема Сирина

Khanna OMARKHALI. Yezidi Religious Oral Poetical Literature: Status, Formal Characteristics, And Genre Analysis. With some examples of Yezidi religious texts

Svetlana SHUMILO. The System of Divine Service Quotations in the Life of Stephen of Perm


Elena DERJAVINA. Archiprêtre A.M. Derjavin et son etude du Ménologe de St. Dimitri métropolite de Rostov

A. A. KASATOV. An original thirteenth century charter from Monk Bretton priory (Yorkshire) in the archive of St. Petersburg Institute of History (RAS)

Pavel V. LUKIN. Narration on the Varangians Martyrs in the Primary Chronicle and in the Synaxarion (Prolog)

Alexander TOEPEL. Ein Brief Papst Johannes‘ XXII. an den koreanischen König

А. А. ПИЧХАДЗЕ. Слав. етеръ: к вопросу о группировке древнеславянских памятников

Tatiana A. SENINA (moniale Kassia). La doctrine du hiéromoine Antoine Boulatovitch sur les idées et sa théorie de la connaissance.

Fjodor USPENSKIJ. A New Approach to the Etymology of the Old Norse Name of Kiev — Kønugarðr


(тут будут всякие рецензии).

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