Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

Asia Pacific Early Christian Studies Society Conference 2012

Очередная патристическая конференция с публикацией избранных докладов в Скриниуме (за 2013 год). две прошлых таких конференции собирались в Японии, а теперь будет -- в Южной Корее.

за последние годы география патристических исследований радикально меняется. не только Европа дряхляет, а Северная Америка слишком заинтересована в Библии, чтобы всерьез интересоваться патристикой, но и Юго-Восточная Азия (Япония и Корея) с Южной Африкой (ЮАР) пробуждаются: там пришли в меру возраста научного те ребята, которые 15-20 лет назад отучились в Европе у мэтров уходящего поколения. также Австралия, в которой этот же процесс прошел еще 20-25 лет назад, превратилась в вулкан, фонтанирующий ранне-христианскими и патристическими исследованиями. собственно, именно из Австралии удалось так взбудоражить весь регион, к которому в нашем лице примкнула и Россия. душа всех этих процессов, наша настоящая Психея -- Pauline Allen (ее многие знают по публикациям о Евагрии Схоластике, монофизитском богословии и биографиях Максима Исповедника), принесшая свет лувэнской науки в страну австралийских аборигенов.

Dates: 5 July -- 7 July

Venue: Presbyterian Theological College and Seminary, Seoul

Preaching and Ministry

Church fathers were theologians and ministers of Word and Sacraments. They not only articulated
theological concepts and interpreted the Bible, but also preached regularly, administered sacraments,
composed liturgical hymns and prayers, organized almsgiving to the poor and the needy, and shepherded
their congregation. They had an integrated vision of Christian faith and life, and their exegeses and
theological endeavours emerged in the pastoral context and out of their pastoral concerns. Preaching and
ministry are two major areas of pastoral work, and there exists a vast amount of material related to this
topic which the church fathers left for us. Through them we can reconstruct their ministerial and
homiletic activities, their congregations and audiences, and interactions between them and their
congregations. Furthermore, they will reveal political, economic, and social contexts in which they
preached and ministered. It is of great significance to hold the 7th conference of APECSS with the theme
gPreaching and Ministryh in Korea where Christianity is growing fast and steadily. Scholarly discussions on
preaching and ministry of the church fathers in an atmosphere where the church is alive and where
conversions are in process will widen our vision and horizon. Furthermore, a deeper understanding of
their preaching and ministry will challenge the Korean church to become more faithful to the word of God
and the way of Jesus Christ.
We all give our warmest welcome to anyone who will join this historic conference. Come and see and
enjoy fellowship in Christ!

Abstracts to be submitted to: Dr EUN Hye Lee (

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 30 November 2011

Enquiries to: Dr EUN Hye Lee (
Asia Pacific
Early Christian Studies Society

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