Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

облизнулся: теперь весь Угарит на СД

новая испанская СД публикация. конечно, 100 евро -- цены вегетарианские: не то, что там у Brill'я за Кумран на СД... (там вроде как под 600)...

From: Alberto Castro <>

We are pleased to announce the publication of the following CD-ROM, dealing
on Ugaritic texts, which will be of interest to ANE subscribers:

Ugaritic Data Bank, Modules I and II.
Banco de Datos Filologicos Semiticos Noroccidentales.
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas-Laboratorio de
Hermeneumatica, Madrid 2002. CD-ROM.

The application has been designed for Mac OS and Windows, both available in
spanish and in english. The four versions are available as four different
CD-ROMailable as four different CD-ROMs. Each CD-ROM contains also a User's

System Requirements for Mac OS: System Software Mac OS 7.6. or later;
System Requirements for Windows: Windows 95 or later.
Minimum 16 Mb RAM; 225 Mb of available hard-disk space if you want to copy
the application; Screen minimum 256 colours; CD-ROM reader.

Main Menu Bar
1. Menu FILE
2. Menu EDIT
3. Menu FIND
3.1. Tablets
3.1.1. One tablet Archaeological and epigraphic information Collations Lines of the text Vocabulary
3.1.2. Several tablets
3.1.3. Tablets of a literary genre
3.1.4. All the tablets
3.2. Texts
3.2.1. One line Information of the tablet Collations to which it belongs Text and material context Words and incomplete graphematic strings String division Joining of broken strings
3.2.2. One collation of a tablet
3.2.3. One document (including collations)
3.2.4. Texts of a literary genre
3.2.5. All the texts
3.3. Words
3.3.1. One word
3.3.2. Words containing a sub-string
3.3.3. Several words between two given words
3.3.4. Words and literary genres
3.3.5. All the WMDs
3.3.6. Two words on a same tablet
3.3.7. Consecutive words
3.4. Graphematic strings
3.4.1. One graphematic string
3.4.2. Strings containing a sub-string
3.4.3. Several strings between two given strings
3.4.4. Strings and literary genres
3.4.5. All the graphematic strings
3.4.6. Two strings on a same tablet
3.4.7. Consecutive strings
3.5. Abbreviations
4.1. Restorations of an incomplete graphematic string
4.2. Incomplete strings restored by a word
5. Menu HELP

The application offer also the possibility of adding "commentaries".
In this case the user should copy the application in the Hard Disk.

The volume may be purchased directly from the publisher at the price
of 100 Euro, packaging and mailing expenses excluded.

This CD-ROM can be ordered by letter, fax or e-mail from:

Departamento de Publicaciones del CSIC
C/ Vitrubio 8
28006-Madrid, Spain
=46ax: +91 5629634

Prof. Dr. Jesus-Luis Cunchillos

Fdo: Jesus-Luis Cunchillos

Profesor de Investigacion
Laboratorio de Hermeneumatica
Instituto de Filologia
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC)

C/ Duque de Medinaceli, 8 . 2a planta Despacho 3
28014 Madrid (Espa=F1a)

Tel. : 91- 429 06 26 extension: 2503
=46ax: 91 - 369 09 40
E-mail :

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