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Scrinium 10 (2014) forthcoming -- примерное содержание

Scrinium. T. 10. Syrians and the Others: Cultures of the Christian Orient in the Middle Ages.

Ed. by Basil Lourié, Nikolay Seleznyov

Critical Editions

Yulia Furman
The origins of the temporal world: The first mēʾmrā of the Kāā d-rēš mellē of John bar Penkāyē

Yulia Furman
Zeus, Artemis, Apollo: John bar Penkāyē on Ancient Myths and Cults

Nikolai N. Seleznyov
The Laments of the Philosophers over Alexander the Great according to The Blessed Compendium of al-Makīn ibn al-ʿAmīd

Nikolai N. Seleznyov
“These stones shall be for a memorial”: A discussion of the abolition of circumcision in the Kitāb al-Maǧdal

Anton Pritula
The Wardā Hymnological Collection and Šlēmōn of A (13th century)

Youhanna Nessim Youssef
Litanies or Prayers for Travellers


Andrey Moroz
Folkloric Hagiography and the Popular Cult of Saints: Formation of Beliefs and Plots

Alexander V. Pigin
Hagiographic Writings in the Old Believer Controversies over ‘the Suicidal Death’ at the End of the Seventeenth and the Eighteenth Centuries (Peter Prokop’ev’s Message to Daniil Vikulin)

T. A. Senina (nun Kassia)
Concerning the Dates of St. Makarios of Pelekete’s Life and the Dating of his Vita

Y. M. Shevarenkova
Verbal Hagiography of Seraphim of Sarov

Maybe some Bulgarian author's article...


Dmitry Biriukov
“Ascent of Nature from the Lower to the Perfect”: Synthesis of Biblical and Logical-Philosophical Descriptions of the Order of Natural Beings in the De opificio hominis, 8 by Gregory of Nyssa

Irina Kolbutova
The Book of the Body of Christ: Jewish-Christian Mysticism of Letters and the Name of God as an Origin for the Christian Spiritual Exegesis

D. Krausmuller, A Chalcedonian Conundrum: the Singularity of the Hypostasis of Christ

Olena Syrtsova
Anthropologie apocryphe et le traité philosophique «ΠΕΡΙ ΑΡΧΩΝ» d’Origène

Review Articles

Olga Mitrenina
The Corpora of Old and Middle Russian Texts as an Advanced Tool for Exploring an Extinguished Language

A. Pigin
A new book on Old Russian demonology
Dmitriy I. Antonov and Michael R. Mayzuls. Demony i greshniki v drevnerusskoy ikonografii: semiotica obraza (Demons and Sinners in Old Russian Iconography: The Semiotics of the Image). Moscow: Indric, 2011

Т. Sénina
Two Books about Kassia of Constantinople
Коста Симић, Литургиjска поэзиjа песникиње Касиjе и њен словенски превод (Нови Сад: Академска књига; Београд: Институт за теолошка истраживања, 2011)
Kurt Sherry, Kassia the Nun in Context. The Religious Thought of a Ninth-Century Byzantine Monastic (Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias Press, 2011)

Christos A. Zafiropoulos Ioannis KONSTANTAKOS, Ἀκίχαρος. Τόμος Γ’: Διήγηση τοῦ Ἀχικὰρ καὶ Μυθιστορία τοῦ Αἰσώπου, Athens, Stigmi, 2013
- эта рец. оч. длинная, может, ей название дать?

Reviews and Annotations
 (a lot of stuff; among others: )

Warren T. Woodfin, The Embodied Icon. Liturgical Vestments and Sacramental Power in Byzantium (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012) (Oxford Studies in Byzantium)Т. Sénina

Das russisch-deutsche Seminar „Simon Lüdwigowitsch Frank: der deutsche Kontext der russischen Philosophie“ — Aleksej Malinov

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