Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

Byzantium in the North -- 3: Yngvars saga víðförla

об этой саге в последние годы появились очень хорошие работы, особенно Haki Antonsson "Salvation and Early Saga Writing in Iceland..." (здесь "типология": как устроены подобные тексты и, в частности, их география) и, я думаю, все еще актуальные (несмотря на попытки, особенно Shepard'a, их оспорить) работы Mats G. Larsson (1983, 1986, 1987, 2012) о грузинском маршруте экспедиции Ингвара...

что еще не замечено?

1. Conjunction of the name of Heliopolis and episode with Silkisif's unsuccessful attempt to kiss Sveinn -- from the Joseph and Aseneth (whose Old Norse version is known but, as far as I know, still unpublished; anyway, a Latin version would have been accessible in the Northern countries).

2. Thus, the toponym "Heliopolis" as a link to the Joseph and Aseneth (pace Glasyrina's and others' ideas; I have to add that a mere presence of some name in Isidore of Seville is not an explanation of its appearance in a saga).

3. Sig(g)eum : known from Daretis Phrygii De excidio Troiae historia : Σίγειον town where the Greeks landed before Troy. This toponym, however, seems to be absent from the Old Norse version: I checked the Trójumanna saga in Jon Sigur∂sson's 1848 edition but still not Jonna Louis-Jensen's 1963 and 1981 editions. -- I think that some "Troyan" substrate could be present as well... If there is no such toponym in the Trójumanna saga's manuscripts, its presence in the Latin text is enough (because the Yngvars saga was composed in Latin itself).

4. All Saints Feast: the saga doesn't follow the Western pattern (although known in Iceland) but distinuishing features of the Eastern one: a church is created for a disputable saint, episcopal opposition, "All Saints" dedication as a compromise. Compare the corresponding dossier of the Byzantine feast that has been added by E. Kurtz to his edition of the Lives of Theophano.


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