Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

кому-то м.б. интересно -- грамматики интересных языков

The UGARIT-VERLAG is glad to announce the publication of the second
volume of the new series ELEMENTA LINGUARUM ORIENTIS:

Grammatik des Ge'ez mit Uebungstexten und Glossar. ELO 2.
Ugarit-Verlag 2002. xii + 309 pp. ISBN 3-934628-29-X.
(42,- EUR).

The volume contains a complete grammar of Ge'ez, the classical Ethiopic
language, i.e. chapters on writing system, phonology, morphology, syntax
of words, and syntax of sentences. To serve not only as a grammar, but
as a manual as well a short selection of texts and a glossary are included.

The new series ELO intends to publish grammars, manuals and collections
of texts on Ancient Near Eastern languages in German and English. More
than a dozen volumes are in preparation. Within the near future volumes
on Biblical-Aramaic (R.G. Lehmann) and Hieroglyphic Luwian (A. Payne, in
English) will be published. For a complete list of intended volumes see

Distributor to North America:
Distribution: BDK, Buecherdienst Koeln, Koelner Str. 248, D-51148 Koeln;

For a complete list of publications of the Ugarit-Verlag see:

Kai A. Metzler

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