Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory


You will see there that the Ninth Revised Edition of the LSJ (A
Greek-English Lexicon With a Revised Supplement Compiled by H. G.
Liddell and R. Scott Revised and augmented throughout by Sir Henry
Stuart Jones, with the assistance of Roderick McKenzie, and and with
the co-operation of many scholars . Supplement edited by P. G. W.
Glare, and with the assistance of A. A. Thompson) is on sale there for
$65 (normal price $145!!).

но сразу скажу, что самая последняя и надежная версия LSJ -- это та, что в интернете, на сайте проекта Персей (точнее на сайтах: там 2 зеркала).

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