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Открытое письмо Владимира Мосса к епископу Сергию (Кидьякову) -- см. под лже-катом.

к сожалению, епископ Сергий уже упустил всё то время, которое у него было. он превратился в такой же бесполезный предмет мебели, как епископ Владимир, ныне живущий в США. дальнейшая политика по отношению к РПЦЗ(В) должна просто игнорировать наличие в этой организации епископов. для РПЦЗ(В) остается теперь только обычная процедура утилизации вторичного сырья: размол, сортировка, разделение полученной дисперсии (часть -- в другие церковные организации, часть -- в отходы).

сейчас наиболее актуальна стадия размола. прот. Виктор Мелехов, единственный богословски вменяемый человек среди всей этой братии, решил подвести под РПЦЗ(В) бостонскую мифологию (будто истинное Православие было "истинным" курсом исторической РПЦЗ). прямой конкуренции ему никто не составит -- некому. а дальше приходит Тер (удельный вес которого резко подпрыгивает в маленькой РПЦЗ(В)) и указывает пальцем, что, мол, "король-то голый" -- что врет всё этот Мелехов насчет "исторической экклезиологии РПЦЗ", а на самом деле "историческим" богословием Зарубежной Церкви как целого, даже при святом митр. Филарете, всегда был дурдом.

на самом деле, РПЦЗ изначально создавалась как временная организация для определенных политич. обстоятельств, которые миновали. любое вменяемое руководство временной организации, для которой миновал ее срок "best before", может строить только одну политику: правильного демонтажа конструкции с последующим использованием освободившихся деталей. если этого не делает само руководство, то найдутся те, кто сделает это извне. а само руководство при таком раскладе неминуемо отправляется на помойку.

От: <>
Кому: <>
Отправлено: 19 января 2003 г. 22:50
Тема: Re: [paradosis] Open Letter to Bishop Sergei

> Your Grace,
> Give the Blessing!
> Hieromonk Augustine and I have returned from Canada, and I would like to
> share with you - and with other Russian Orthodox Christians, since this
> matter concerns us all - some of my thoughts on this trip. As you know, we
> crossed the Atlantic with your blessing in order to speak to Metropolitan
> Vitaly, and we drove from Montreal to Mansonville, again with your
> in the full expectation of being able to see him. However, when we arrived
> the skete, before we could even introduce ourselves, Liudmilla
> refused us permission to see the metropolitan, or even to wait in the
> reception room until he was ready to see us. Although we were not
> for a cold welcome from her, the extent of her inhospitality, and complete
> dominance of affairs in the skete, shocked us profoundly.
> When we recounted our experience to you the next day, you were sorry, but
> made it clear that there was nothing you could do. You admitted that
> Liudmilla might be controlled by foreign forces, and that the situation
> scandalous; but the metropolitan wanted her, you said, so that was the end
> the matter. So even the Bishop of Mansonville has no control in
> The laypeople we spoke to were very unhappy with the situation, and
> (though not entirely surprised) by our reception. I believe they are going
> make some kind of protest. But in view of the passivity of the clergy, it
> seems unlikely that they will be successful.
> Of course, the scandal of Liudmilla has been well-known to Russian
> Christians of all jurisdictions for several years. If the Synod of
> Metropolitan Laurus is "the Synod of the divorced", then the Synod of
> Metropolitan Vitaly is well known to be the Synod ruled by a woman. We,
> knew about this; but it is only now, when we have seen the situation at
> first-hand, that we understand the full horror of it. The Prophet says:
> for My people, … women rule over them. O My people! Those who lead you
> you to err, and destroy the way of your paths." (Isaiah 3.12). And again
> another Prophet says: "Behold, a talent of lead lifted up, and behold a
> sat in the midst of the measure. And he said: this is iniquity" (Zechariah
> 5.7-8).
> Dear Vladyko! I appeal to you, not so much for ourselves and all the
> who have been profoundly frustrated and disturbed by this situation, but
> your own sake, and for the sake of your Church as a whole: act to remove
> evil which lies at her heart and which will undoubtedly destroy her sooner
> later if it is not removed. The struggle of the Russian Church Abroad
> the Moscow Patriarchate and the pro-MP Lavrite Synod is a holy struggle, a
> struggle which we all support and identify with. But this struggle is
> to failure, and not only to failure but to a most inglorious collapse, if
> evil woman that is controlling the Church is not removed. The holy Apostle
> Paul says of a certain scandal in the Church: "Why have ye not rather
> that he who did this might be taken from among you?" (I Corinthians 5.2).
> am sure that you mourn: I now ask that you act.
> And if it be objected: "What business is this of yours? After all, you are
> not even in our Church!" then I reply: "And what - or rather, who - is it
> that prevents us, and many others, from being in union with you? How can
> not be my business that I cannot be in union with the Church into which I
> baptised because of a woman who is undoubtedly serving the dark powers,
> who is allowed to remain in her place by those who have the responsibility
> removing her? There are many others in other True Orthodox Russian
> jurisdictions who would like to be in communion with you now that the
> ecumenist and pro-MP hierarchs who have caused so much damage and so many
> divisions in the past are no longer in communion with you. But how can
> be possible or even desirable in the present circumstances?"
> I understand that the will of Metropolitan Vitaly is sacred for you. But
> that will is opposed to the will of God and the Holy Tradition of the
> and is leading the Church to destruction, how can it be right to obey it?
> This is the Orthodox Church, not the papist pseudo-church; we know of no
> infallible first-hierarchs, and no authority higher than the Holy Canons
> Holy Tradition of the Church, which all the clergy of the Church swear to
> uphold and obey at their ordination. Let us not fear men, but God, to Whom
> David says: "Thou hast set at nought all that depart from Thy statutes,
> unrighteous is their inward thought. I have reckoned as transgressors all
> sinners of the earth, for unrighteous is their inward thought. Nail down
> flesh with the fear of Thee, for of Thy judgements am I afraid" (Psalm
> 118.117-119).
> Forgive me, Vladyko, for my boldness, and pray for me.
> With love in Christ,
> Reader Vladimir Moss
> East House, Beech Hill, Mayford, Woking, England.
> January 5/18, 2003.

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