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Dear colleagues,

David Thomas has asked me to let you know that Sam Eames passed away peacefully at her home on Saturday morning. Sam had become increasingly ill since late last year, and she and David had spent the last few months in Mt Tamborine living in a flat close to her parents. Sam was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in late 1997, and fought bravely to maintain her independence and a normal life. We will all miss her.

Sam was a regular at ICANNE and SHAJ conferences and many of you would have met her there. Sam conducted fieldwork in Israel, Jordan and Syria. She loved archaeology and the Middle East and during her illness she managed to complete her PhD thesis: Between the Desert and the Sown: The Hauran in the Middle Bronze Age World, University of Sydney, 2001 as well as numerous other publications:

fc Settlement in the Steppe: The Hauran as a Frontier Zone in the Middle Bronze Age. Under review.

in press A Middle Bronze Age Model Shrine or Granary from the Hauran: Evidence for Cult Practice in Eastern Jordan. Meditarch vol. tbc: page no.s tbc

2001a Middle Bronze Age Settlement in the Wadi al-Ajib: The University of Sydney Hauran Project. in A. Walmsley (ed) Australians Uncovering Ancient Jordan. Fifty Years of Middle Eastern Archaeology, Sydney : 173-180

2001b A "Gateway Community" in Northern Jordan: The University of Sydney Hawran Project. Studies in the History and Archaeology of Jordan VII, Amman : DAJ, 239-246

1997 with M. Schroder A Middle Bronze Age Landscape: Occupation and Resource Management in the Wadi al-'Ajib, Mafraq District. Studies in the History and Archaeology of Jordan VII, Amman : DAJ 149-158.

1996 with Betts et al. Studies of Bronze Age Occupation in the Wadi al-'Ajib, Mafraq District. Levant 28: 27-39.

1995 with Betts et al. Archaeological Survey of the Wadi al-'Ajib, Mafraq District. Annual of the Department of Antiquities Jordan 39: 149-168.

1994 A Re-examination of the Definition, Distribution, and Relative Chronology of Proto Base Ring Ware. Mediterranean Archaeology 7: 127-140

A memorial service for Sam will take place in Sydney, Australia next week. I attach the notice for anyone who finds themself in the southern hemisphere. Details of a memorial scholarship fund are to be found at the bottom of this notice for anyone interested.

A celebration of the life of

Dr Sam Eames

Wednesday, 2nd April 2003
4:30 pm - 7 pm


The Nicholson Museum,
Main Quadrangle
University of Sydney
NSW 2006

During Sam's career she benefited from grants-in-aid from the Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation (NEAF). These allowed her to travel overseas to study other material relevant to her research. We have decided to set up a scholarship fund for postgraduate students in Sam's name and details will be provided at the celebration. If you are unable to attend, but would like to send a donation, please contact: Kate da Costa or Karen Hendrix at the
Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation: or 02 9351 4151.

Dr Jaimie Lovell
Australian Research Council Fellow
Archaeology, A14
University of Sydney
NSW 2006

Tel. +61 2 9036 9497 (ext 69497)
Fax +61 2 9351 7760


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