Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

помимо фан-клуба

нас читают и другие экспонаты:
(дальше пойдет всякая церковно-политическая чушь с Paradosis list -- межюрисдикционной англоязычной православной конференции)

> Dear List.
> While surfing the Internet, I visited our "colleague" Lurie
> (hieromonk
> Gregory - ROAC) on his page in LiveJournal. Through a link
> he offers I
> found myself on the page, which Mr. Lurie recommended
> as a very
> interesting one. Indeed, there happened to be a discussion on
> that page
> (where one cannot find himself just like that) about the
> post-war world
> (i.e the situation in the world after the Iraq war). And
> concretely in the
> statement by Mr. Gleb Pavlovsky I had an opportunity to read the
> following:
> (
> df2f3431a38e33b4)
> "One should understand that Russia at any rate has no
> malevolent feelings
> towards the temporary isolation, in which the powers which
> initiated the
> war have found themselves, and Russia not once expressed to
> America its
> opinion on how mistaken is that step from the point of view of
> long-term
> interests of collaboration of Russia and America on the
> establishment of
> the new world order. We understand how complicated is a
> simultaneous
> interaction, simultaneous improvement of relations between
> America and
> Europe; we start to understand how complicated the European
> game actually
> is, the game for which we, frankly speaking, are little
> prepared, as well
> as for the American hysterics".
> Comrade Pavlovsky says: "Russia at any rate has no
> malevolent feelings
> towards the temporary isolation, in which the powers which
> initiated the
> war have found themselves." What he has in mind here is the
> international
> protest against the American agression on Iraq, which extremely
> diminished
> the prestige of America. So - comrade Pavlovsky says - we are
> not happy
> about that. Russia was saying to Americans that is how it would
> end. And it
> is very harmful from the point of view of the establishment
> of the New
> World Order, on which Russia and America are working hand in
> hand, he says.
> This is what a man belonging to the Russian intellectual
> governmental staff
> is saying. As something that is naturally implied, there has been
> mentioned
> the fact that Russia and America - jointly establish the NWO.
> And let us
> notice that Lurie, while recommending the mentioned statement of
> Pavlovsky
> as a very interesting one, knows that perfectly well, since he
> himself is
> directly connected to Pavlovsky, as well as the whole
> ROAC - an
> organization which falsifies the True Church in order to destroy
> the Truth
> and the souls of people and the whole Russia as an orthodox
> country. This
> organization works for the NOW on the field of the "True
> Orthodoxy". ROAC
> is an excellent concept of the Russian special services and
> the Russian
> antichristian government. And all those people - Lurie,
> Valentine, Gregory
> of Denver and the rest - are enemies of Orthodoxy, sly and smart.
> So beware, dear members of the Paradosis list. Don't get caught
> into traps
> of the gentlemen from ROAC.
> Sincerely,
> priest Andrej Sidnev

автор живет в России и является священником Матфеевского синода. Синод этот вполне православный, но в России к нему присоединились не самые вменяемые люди. разумеется, они не будут иметь никакого веса -- кроме веса разменной монеты -- в церковной Realpolitik своего же синода.

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