Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

как слово наше отзовется

... в течение суток. (очередная церковно-политическая лабуда).

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> From: Fr. Andrew Sidnev []
> Sent: Saturday, March 29, 2003 6:46 PM
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> Subject: [paradosis] ROAC and New World Order
> Dear list,
> There is a rather interesting comment on my post by Mr. Lurie.
> Here is what he writes about me:
> "The author lives in Russia and is a priest of the Matthewite
> Synod. That
> Synod is fully orthodox, but people who join with it in
> Russia are not
> entirely sound. Of course, they will have no weight - but the
> weight of a
> small coin - in the church Realpolitik of their synod."
> What is interesting in this case are the remarks of Mr. Lurie
> about the
> real politics of our Synod, with which he is obviously
> acqainted better
> than anyone. One should notice, that the Vertograd team
> has already
> dedicated to the issue of the "politics" of our Synod a whole
> series of
> materials, having formulated point by point what should
> happen with the
> "fully orthodox" Matthewites. Specifically: our Synod should
> split. The
> marginal elements of the Matthewite Synod (i.e. Metr. Kerykos
> of Mesogaia
> and the theologian Eleutherios Goutzidis) shall be expelled to
> the "pitch
> darkness" and thanks to that new schism all old calendarists of
> Greece will
> finally unite. Of course, they will unite with the Synod of the
> paedophile
> Valentine and after that there will come the True-Orthodox
> International
> with Mr. Lurie at its head.
> Allow me to add that all those gentlemen - Lurie, Mitrenina
> and their
> adherents - appear on as "experts", i.e. the most
> competent and
> valuable informers of the Russian government on the issues of
> the "True
> Orthodoxy".
> One should learn from them how politics is to be played.
> Priest Andrew Sidnev.

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