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слава Богу!

матушка игумения Юлиания в Чили не отпала в РПЦЗ(Л) -- вопреки вранью с фотографиями, распространенному на днях епископом РПЦЗ(Л) в Южной Америке Александром Милеантом.
матушка и ее детский приют остались с митр. Виталием (а это все-таки действительность таинств, т.е. Церковь). матушка виновата только в том, что оказала еп.Александру светское гостепреимство -- когда надо было не пускать на порог. она слишком хорошо воспитана.
(она арабка, из православных арабов, воспитанных Палестинским обществом; всю жизнь жила в Палестине; была избита и изгнана из монастыря при захвате его МП, после чего переселилась в Чили. мы -- Вертоградъ, наш приход -- с ней постоянно переписывались и всегда были одинаковых взглядов на истинное Православие).

под лже-катом -- письма матушки, ее переписка с Милеантом, а в самом конце -- линк на фотовранье.

Mother Juliana also writes:

"When I learned that the Bishop planned to visit us again I was very
concerned and I told him WE DO NO BELONG TO THEM. However he said if
he was refused to serve in church, he would serve outside! He brought
with him one priest, two deacons and three altar boys (prizlugnik)
they served in the Parish church, deacons comemorating Metrop.
VITALY. Also, I requested that no photos be taken during the Church
Services-this request was ignored. Obviously the photos were made to
give the false impression that all those present were closely unites-
which was definitely not true."

Chrst is Risen!

- Joshua Fraese

--- In, "Joshua Fraese" <jfraese@i...>
> Letter from Bishop Alexander
> Dear in the Lord Mother Juliana,
> Christ is Risen!
> I plan to visit you, arriving with Fr. Alexander Iwashevitch and a
> few other helpers, on Thursday or Friday the 8th or 9th of May.
> Reply of Igumenia Juliana
> May 03 2003
> Truly He is Risen! Your Eminence, Bless.
> While Fr. Benjamin had briefly told me of your arrival plans,
> bringing particular attention to the dates, and more information
> given to me by Mme. Betina, today I telephoned Fr. Alexander and
> explained:
> 1. I do not understand why you are coming with so many people, WHY -

> WE DO NOT BELONG TO YOU. We, as you are well aware Vladika,
> commemorate Met. Vitaly. This is a matter of which Fr. Benjamin
> to you at length last year. We remained, each of us, by our own
> Is this not true?
> 2. We are not able to accommodate 9 or 10 people. The evenings and
> mornings are very cold; we do not have the facilities.
> 3. We have few helpers. Only elderly and young. Normita is now
> ill. Mme. Betina asked Fr. Benjamin to take in her three sons. One
> them, Kolia, having spent a month with us in the summer, is now
> acquainted with Fr. Benjamin. Apparently he is coming with his two
> brothers, Fr. Benjamin has agreed.
> 4. The building where you previously stayed is currently occupied
> contract) for 3 months by the workers who are covering the new
> 5. Fr. Benjamin was embarrassed to explain this to you, or, perhaps
> he just didn't realize. He has however told me that he cannot
> accommodate you, as you like to remain with your acolytes – but
> where? At first I thought, and asked that you bring bedding, and
> Alexander said the boys would bring sleeping bags. Fine, but what
> about washrooms, showers, water, and kitchen facilities? No
> we will not be able to accommodate you here. For God's sake forgive
> me.
> Did you ever think Vladika that this would happen to you…and
> this will remind you of a time in your own life, a time in your
> youth? A time when you long and steadfastly did not obey your
> bishop. Although by your own accord he was as such in error, yet by
> the power given by God, he was the ruling bishop - and you, were in
> his diocese. Perhaps he at that time suffered, as you will now
> suffer? Or perhaps this will not interest you (much has changed in
> our Church) "by whatever measure you account, you will be
> is this not true Vladika? Someone must speak the truth. In no way
> I wish to be bold. I will repeat Fr. Benjamin's parting words to
> I WILL NOT GO AGAINST MY CONSCIENCE. I am not afraid to speak the
> truth. God is my witness, I pray for you! But not merely, we are
> commanded to pray for everyone …but here comes the priest Fr.
> Alexander, 2 deacons, 3 acolytes, I think your brother as well. For
> what purpose? Here we have peace and calm, both in the parish and
> our community. I ask you to forgive me a sinner, I cannot be a
> betrayer.
> Unworthy
> Abbess Juliana
> 2nd letter of Bishop Alexander
> may 5
> Honorable Abbess Juliana,
> Christ is Risen!
> Nevertheless I need to visit Chile.
> Besides you, there are others who want to see me.
> Besides this be advised that I became Bishop for all of South
> including Chile not by my own wish, but by the decision of the
> council of bishops headed by Met. Vitaly.
> No one has given me a directive (ukaz) that I am freed from
> the Chilean diocese, or that you now submit to someone else.
> For this reason, wether I like it or not, I am obliged to oversee
> Chilean Diocese. I need nothing from you, not money, not material
> things, and not your respect. I am fulfilling an obedience placed
> me by God. Should you not allow me into the church, I will pray in
> the street.
> As to the rest, we will speak later.
> With love in Christ,
> Bp. Alexander
> Reply to 2nd letter
> May 6 th 2003
> Truly He is Risen! Holy Vladika; I planned to either write to you
> telephone Fr. Alexander. During the course of the day, I spoke with
> Fr. Benjamin and Boris Dimitrievitch Gausen. Together we found a
> different solution to the situation. Fr. Benjamin is offering you
> own cell, which is in Holanda. The remainder will stay in the
> house. You will need to immediately go to the Calle Holanda, where
> everything will be ready for you.
> The hall is large, mainly it is comfortable, there is a kitchen. I
> have taken the food preparation on myself, everything will be
> Perhaps there is no "bad without good" as this accommodation is
> nearer to the city centre, and you will be able to peacefully meet
> with those people who want to see you, as you wrote. Do not concern
> yourself over the food, our good hostess who lives near the church
> will assist. All is well that ends well. Closing the church, or
> denying your eminence entrance is not my domain. I am neither the
> administration or the rector. And so Fr. Benjamin asks that you
> advise the exact date of your arrival. You said the 8th or 9th,
> Fr. Alexander said he would be leaving on the 7th early in the day.
> Forgive me. Unworthy,
> Abbess Juliana
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> > Dear List,
> >
> > What about asking Mother Juliana herself?
> >
> > in God,
> >
> > Vladimir Kozyreff
> >
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> > > see recent photos???
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> > >
> > > >>>Mother Juliana is missing. Do you know why?
> > > Maureen
> > >
> > >
> > > She is with Bp. Alexander in one of the other photos - see
> > >
> > >
> > > Deacon Leonid Mickle

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