Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

еще одно письмо игумении Иулиании

там подробнее (кто-то имел наивность спрашивать у меня в комментах) о вранье еп. Александра Милеанта (который фотографировал, вопреки запрету; интересно, зачем? -- ответ в тексте).

она, конечно, не должна была и даже не имела права пускать его в церковь. он угрожал служить на улице -- и пусть бы и служил. там ему и место, если он такой навязчивый.

забавно, что его собственные диаконы, которых он взял с собой, поминали не митр. Лавра, а митроп. Виталия. у этого нового поколения церковных деятелей РПЦЗ в голове никак не каноны и даже не пустота, а пиар самого низкого пошиба.

в постскриптуме дается опровержение слуха о включении приюта матушки игумении в официальный список приходов РПЦЗ(Л). точнее, матушка не видела этого списка, а просто утверждает, что быть ее там не должно.

This is testimony of the truthful Protodeacon Rev.
Basil “His Grace Bishop Alexander when he was in
Australia confirmed to me that both Father Benjamin &
Mother Abbess were with Metropolitan Vitaly”. unworthy
protodeacon Basil from Canberra

Truly Christ is Risen! Reverend Father Mark Bless!

NO! we have not left the ROCE! We remain faithful to
our- Metrop. Vitaly and continue the course followed
by all our previous God- enlightened Metropolitan.
The idea of our doing otherwise is totally fantastic.
Bishop Alexander visited us a year ago and tried to
persuade Fr. Benjamin to join them. Father absolutely
refused and during the several 2 and a half hours of
conversation made it clear that not only were the
bishops guilty of in Russian impermissable behaviour
nedopustimoye (in Russian) but that they should as
soon as possible go to the Starets, Vl. Vitaly and beg
UNITY. Fr. Benjamin's last words were: "Punish me,
kick me out of the Church it is in your hands, but I
truthful, has continued as before.
When I learned that the Bishop planned to visit us
again I was very
concerned and I told him WE DO NO BELONG TO THEM.
However he said if he was refused to serve in church,
he would serve outside!
He brought with him one priest, two deacons and
three altar boys
(prizlugnik) they served in the Parish church,
deacons commemorating Metrop. VITALY.
Also, I requested that no photos be taken during the
Church Services-this request was ignored.
Obviously the photos were made to give the false
impression that all those present were closely unites-
which was definitely not true.
The bishop and his companions had not been invited,
but we attempted to treat him courteously as Guest -
not our Chief.. As the Holy Fathers teach us, it is
only Christian to behave with meekness and courtesy to
those who differ from us, and by our gentleness we may
hope to calm their own disturbed conditions.
Unfortunately our hospitality was shockingly abused by
the deliberate misuse of photographs which
scandalize and confuse the many who have trusted in
our fidelity to the truth.
Please understand that this is a painful shock to us
and that we deeply grieve for those misled and
troubled. Thereby we pray God will enlighten the
shepherds who have gone astray and their repentance
will restore the spiritual unity for which our
Saviour, Lord Jesus prayed.
sinful Abbess Juliana and Sisters.

P.S. Also, someone mentioned that we are in the
Spissok of 2003. I have not seen the magazine, we did
receive 4 calendars, but do not receive the Spissok,
or Pravosl. Rus. Another false accusatioin.

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