Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

сохраню еще одно хорошее письмо о.Александра Лебедева

оно лишний раз доказывает, что интерес к истинному Православию малость расходится с курсом РПЦЗ митрополитов Антония и Анастасия. (о. Александр цитирует соборное постановление 1933 г., признающего Сергия -- а не, напр., митр. Иосифа Петроградского -- главой Церкви в России).
интерес правящих архиереев РПЦЗ к Катакомбной Церкви -- это исключительно примета эпохи святого м. Филарета. А предшественники его, митрополиты Антоний и Анастасий, были церковными бюрократами, неспособными видеть слишком неформальные реальности катакомбной церкви в России или греческих старостильников.

Vladimir Kozyreff wrote:
>Dear Father Alexander, bless.
>The MP has separated itself from the real Patriarchate of Moscow, the
>Church of the martyrs, which was represented by Metropolitan Joseph
>of Petrograd and others.
>It happened when Metropolitan Sergius took uncanonically command,
>while Metropolitan Peter, Patriach Tikhon's miestoblustitiel, was in
>jail and alive.
>Metropolitan Sergius so founded a parasynagogue based on uncanonical
>succession and collaboration with a satanic power that endeavoured at
>destroying the Church.

Vladimir, how than can you reconcile this position with the officially
stated position of the Sobor of Bishops of the Church Abroad in their
massive Conciliar Epistle of 1933, which includes the following paragraph?

"We are fully cognizant of the fact of the extraordinary difficulties of
the situation of Metropolitan Sergius, who is de facto now heading the
Russian Church, and we recognize the full weight of the responsibilities
lying on him for the fate of the latter. Therefore, no one may take upon
themselves the hubris to condemn him for the effort itself to enter into
negotiations with the Soviet authorities in order to create a legal status
for the Russian Church."

No words here about Metropolitan Sergius's ecclesiastical structure being
a parasynagogue, are there?

Metropolitan Sergius, in this Epistle, signed by Metropolitan Anthony and
Archbishop Anastassy and the other bishops ofthe Church Abroad, is always
referred to by his title of "Deputy Locum Tenens of the Patriarchal Throne."

Nowhere is he called a "usurper" or his administration called uncanonical.

Please explain this, Vladimir, since this Epistle was written six years
**after** the time you claim that Metropolitan Sergius apostasized and
created a parasynagogue, while the Church Abroad clearly calls it "the
Russian Church," and declares Metropolitan Sergius to be "heading the
Russian Church"?

With love in Christ,

Prot. Alexander Lebedeff

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