Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

"с кем вы, деятели культуры?"

один из нынешних "идеологов второго эшелона" РПЦЗ(Л) о. Джон Шоу -- американец, воспитанный в Джорданвиле не столько в православии, сколько в русофилии, -- объясняет насчет невозможности иметь молитвенное общение с "раскольниками" HOCNA (Бостонским синодом). о Московской патриархии, не говоря о всяких сербах, он так не скажет.

The question was asked:

> Is it proper for ROCOR celebrants to commemorate members of the HOCNA
> clergy at proskomide:

JRS: It would not be right to commemorate HOCNA-ites audibly, at
litanies, or to sing "Many Years" for them in church, because this
could mislead the faithful. This is the same reason we do not
commemorate non-Orthodox in general *aloud*.

But we can pray privately for the conversion of HOCNA members, that
they may return to the Church from schism.

> and, is it proper for members of ROCOR to
> attend HOCNA services?

JRS: No way.

If the only "Orthodox" church near them is a HOCNA community, then one
should avoid going there, even for events such as baptisms, weddings
and funerals, and pray at home.

In Christ
Fr. John R. Shaw

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