Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

очень важный церковный документ

хотя и 2001 г., только что был выпущен в интернет в переводе с греческого.
касается нынешних отношений между Матфеевцами и Хризостомовцами. контекст может быть понят из статей Веры Земсковой на Креде.ру, посвященных нынешнему положению в Матфеевском синоде.

Letter Regarding Visit of Florinite Bishops to
Matthewite Monastery 2001

Dear List Members,

The following letter was written by Frs. Damascene and
Nauctratius to
Archbishop Andrew of Athens and all Greece in 2001 (at
that time
Archbishop Andrew was the president of the Synod of
Bishops of the
True Orthodox Church of Greece).

The letter is in regards to the visit of Metropolitan
Pavlos of
Astoria (Kiousis Synod) to the Matthewite Monastery in

Among the issues discussed was that of the official
periodicial which had set up a witch-hunt against the
theologian Eleutherius Goutzides and the Matthewite
Cerycus of Mesogaea. This witch-hunt, began by the
Kiousis Synod's
official periodical ("Voice of Orthodoxy"), later
spread to the
official Matthewite periodical ("Herald of the Genuine

The said "witch-hunt," which began back then, caused
current "discord" among the Matthewites that many of
you have been
hearing about. (Note that it is a mere
discord/disagreement and not a
schism or division.)

Please read the following letter and see that the
Kiousis bishops
honour blessed Archbishop Matthew (+1950) and state
that they
recognize the episcopal orders of "the bishops of

These representatives of the Kiousis Synod also state
that they are
completely against the "witch-hunt" of the Kiousis
Synod's official
periodical against Metropolitan Cerycus, and that the
people in
charge of this ludicrous activity is the Kiousis
Synod's Metropolitan
Kallinikos of Achaia and a certain Mr. Sakarellos.

The Kiousis bishops also admitted that their Synod's
periodical, and the distructive tone found therein, was
the cause for
the ceassation of theological dialogue between the
Matthewite and
Kiousis Synods.

Here is the letter:


Letter to Archbishop Andrew of Athens and all Greece

In the Holy Monastery of the Transfiguration of the
(Kouvaras, Attica) September 10, 2001 (o.s.)

Your Beatitude, kneeling we kiss your right hand and
ask for your
prayers and blessings.

We are sending you this informative letter of ours
which is signed by
my lowliness, Hieromonk Damascene, and Naucratius the

On Wednesday the 30th of August, immediately after
vespers, two
hierarchs of the faction of Archbishop Chrysostom
Kiousis came to our
Monastery. According to how they introduced themselves,
they were
Metropolitans Paul of America and Chrysostom of Attica
and Boeotia,
accompanied by three monks from America. After they
entered and
venerated the Katholikon of our Monastery, as they were
the Metropolitan of Attica asked to see our Elder. When
I replied
that he is absent, he asked "Who is second after the
Elder?" and I
replied again that it is Fr. Prodromus, who was busy at
the time. In
the final end, my lowliness and Fr. Naucratius took
them to the
guesthouse, where we gave them our hospitality.

While in discussion with our two guests, I asked them
"Why, in the
publications of your periodical (Voice of Orthodoxy) do
you criticize
one of our theologians and you create scandals and have
divided us?"

Metropolitan Chrysostom immediately replied as follows:
"Fathers, we
are opposed and do not agree with what is written in
the periodical."
And continuing, he expressed in a judgmental manner:
"We are ten
bishops against all that is being written. Only two are
in agreement,
and Archbishop Chrysostom is against these publications
and does not
agree [with them]."

To my enquiry as to why they persist with such force
against the lay
theologian (Mr. Eleutherius Goutzides), the
Metropolitan of Attica
again replied "Even if he was a Bishop, we should not
have been
writing [these things]. No, Fathers, next time we will
not write
[these things] in the periodical."

They then said to one another: "See what we have done?
This is why
the theological dialogue ceased."

To my humbleness [Metropolitan Chrysostom of Attica]
intoned: "It is good that you opened this issue to us."

Then Metropolitan Paul of America preposed: "We must
remain with the
confession of Matthew [as he remained] until he closed
his eyes. And
let us leave the rest. We recognize all of the bishops
of [the
succession of] Matthew."

The Metropolitan of Attica said: "Let us forget what
Matthew did and
what [Chrysostom] of Florina did. Now we are a Synod,
and so are you;
we must sit and find [a solution]; we must have a
dialogue, no matter
if we disagree or fight. We, the new [bishops], must
come to a
personal communication. If we are one, all will fear
[i.e. respect]

Again, to all this, we only remarked that: "We
shouldn't look at what
one or the other did, but we should speak about the
Apostolic Faith
and the Apostolic Succession."

As we continued, the Metropolitan of America asked:
"Has His
Eminence, Metropolitan Cerycus, gone astray?"

We told them: "That is also your doing and you have
brought the

They counteracted, saying: "Not us, Fathers, we are ten
someone else writes those things."

Again, we commented that we know who writes these
things, Mr.
Sakarellos, we told them.

Upon hearing [this], the Metropolitan of Attica
confirmed: "Yes,
Fathers, it is he who has dissolved us." Although the
Metropolitan of
America was insisting that he stop [talking], he
continued and said: "He even hides behind the icons."
With obvious
indignation he repeated: "That temptation has done it
all." He
continued: "Should I tell you or not? I will tell you.
Sakarellos] was saying to someone that those
Matthewites are going
towards separation, but they just won't separate!"

In the end, we replied that God is above all, and he
unites us.

Also, they told us that Archbishop Chrysostom wants to
see our
Archbishop. Before they came to us, they visited the
Monastery [of the Entry] of the All-holy Theotokos [in
Keratea]. You,
Your Beatitude, were absent.

Your Beatitude, since this event, according to our
humble opinion, is
important, we found it necessary to inform you of the
most crucial
points of the discussion. We also previously informed
our Elder.
Forgive us, if we may now make our personal comments in
regards to
what we have heard.

1. The two Florinite hierarchs, in our presence,
disapproved of the
publications of the "Voice of Orthodoxy" and confirmed
that all the
things are written and propelled by "that temptation,
Sakarellos." As
for all those who for the past four years have based
themselves on
the articles signed by Metropolitan Callinicus of
Achaia, what can
they do now? Whatever was published by the Florinites,
some of our
people grabbed [these publications] and used them
against His
Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas, against Mr.
Eleutherius Goutzides
and against His Eminence, Metropolitan Cerycus, and

2. What will happen, Your Beatitude, with all that has
been published
in the "Herald of the Genuine Orthodox"? Can we also
say that Mr.
Sakarellos wrote [the publications] or instigated us
[to write them]?
If so, who did he work through?

3. It is very important what they said in regards to:

a) the dialogue [between our Synods];

b) the confession [of the Faith];

c) not discussing other matters, i.e. neither about the
schism of
1937, nor about the consecrations of 1948, nor about
their own
consecrations of 1960, nor about [the consecration] of
Callinicus of Achaia [and those consecrated with him in

4. Perhaps the persecution that was let loose in the
past few years
against His Eminence, Metropolitan Cerycus, Fr.
Amphilochius and Mr.
Eleutherius Goutzides is a persecution against the
Confession [of the
Faith] and the Apostolic Succession [of our Church]?

5. What will the monk and advisor of Your Beatitude now
say, who
would ask the Fathers if they read what is written in
the periodical
of the Florinites, and would not say what his own
friend has written?

With due filial reverence, kissing your holy right
hand, we remain:

+ Hieromonk Damascene

+ Naucratius, monk.

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