Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

англоязычный лист рассылки

об истинном православии. это наша mitr создала как некий заместитель Paradosis'a.
i'd recommend it to all those who are interested in the current life of all the True Orthodox Churches.

below is Olga's invitation posting to the "Paradosis".

Dear Listmembers,

Stavros has posted a very important document here. One
can like it or unlike it, but it deserved some
discussion. Alas, it was lost in the off-topic and
viperous remarks.

It is quite often when some important question cannot
be discussed because of the very different set of mind
here. Besides I am afraid that Seraphim will close
this list soon...

So I finally created a list for constitutive, adequate
and respectful discussions.

The moderation policy will be more strict then here.
Any views are allowded for discussion, but not any tone
and not any way. One can disagree with some
listmembembers, but it does not give him the right to
be rude.

It is important for the members of a new list to share
only one view: An Orthodox person cannot be in
communion with Word Orthodoxy, neither with its liberal
wing (like Ecumenical or Antiochian Patriarchates), nor
with its "conservative" wing (like Jerusalem or Moscow
Particarchates) because these are wings of the same
(btw, they do not deny that they are one, as some
of their defenders do).

So, members of Greek Old-Calendarists, ROCOR(V) and
ROAC are invited.

I named the list "Xenia" after my favorite saint.
May St. Xenia help and guide us.

To subscribe, send a message to

With love in Christ,
Olga Mitrenina

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