Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

хочется, чтоб побольше народу прочитало

(на русском см. ссылку под лже-катом)

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From: "Fr. Andrew Sidnev" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2003 1:34 PM
Subject: [paradosis] On Provocative Activity of the
Lurie-Vertograd Group

> On Provocative Activity of the Lurie-Vertograd Group
> We address the TOC of Greece and Russia in
order to warn them against
> provocative activity of the Russian antichurch group
> That group belongs to the jurisdiction of
"Metropolitan" Valentine of
> Suzdal, who was officially, by the State Court,
charged with homosexuality.
> Lately the group Lurie-Vertograd has intensively
been looking for the
> opportunity to propagate not only in Russia,
but in Greece as well,
> different heretical teachings, in order to cause new
schisms within the TOC
> of Greece. Earlier that group was known for
its connections with the
> Russian mafia. For that reason the ROCOR declined
to have anything to do
> with them. Nevertheless, Valentine of
Suzdal, notorious for his
> unscrupulousness, accepted that group into his
schismatic jurisdiction. It
> has also been a well-known fact that this group
has been financed and
> supported by Russian special services, and they
themselves do not hide
> their ties with the notorious Mr. Pavlovsky, who
partly finances different
> editions of the group.
> After the group Lurie-Vertograd had joined the
ROAC, there occurred a
> schism because of the propaganda of the heresy of
imyaslavie (name-worshipping ), led by the
> group.Valentine of Suzdal supported them and it
resulted in church
> publicists Vladimir Moss and Anton Ter-Grigoryan,
as well as many others,
> leaving the ROAC.
> The members of the group within their circle
in every possible way
> discredit and ridicule the TOC Church o f Russia and
Greece. For instance,
> they write that:
> - It is good that Greek old calendarist (TOC)
exist in Russia. That means that
> now they have where to pour out the sewage of their
(ROAC) church.
> - The Greek old calendarist movement is fully
compromised and it can be
> saved only if "somebody" (ecumenists) takes them in
> - About catacomb christians of Russia they write that
they are savage fanatics etc.
> Nevertheless, externally the group Lurie-Vertograd
give themselves to be
> benefactors and unificators of the divided TOC of
Greece and Russia. There
> is no doubt that they are backed by dark
forces of ecumenism and
> freemasonry, which aspire to take the TOC
under their control and to
> destroy Orthodoxy.
> Today the head of the group (hieromonk Gregory
Lurie) declares that he
> looks for the possibility to propagate the heresy of
imyaslavie (name-worshipping ) within the
> Greek TOCs in order to create a schism within them.
> The editorial board of the journal "Holy Russia"

это наши российские доморощенные матфеевцы. почти совершенно никчемная группа, т.к. даже канализировать в нее почти никого нельзя -- в силу ее особенной упертости и сектантского менталитета. на реальную политику матфеевских синодов (Греции и Кипра) не имеет влияния никакого, но для общего шума в информационном пространстве использоваться может.

УПДАТЕ ура! теперь и на русском:
-- читать и наслаждаться.

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