Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

let me introduce, што ли

кому надо, тот поймет, о ком это и о чем.
отзыв из мэйнстрима Матфеевского синода о группе м. Кирика

Father Andrei is a Russian Matthewite priest
who lives in Greece. He is part of the group
around Metropolitan Kirykos that does not
recognize the election of our Archbishop
Nikolaos. They also do not approve of talks
with other Greek Old Calendarists or other
Russian jurisdictions. Basically, they think
everybody should join the Matthewites, and
that's it. No talks.

Metropolitan Kirykos has only a few priests and
parishes in Greece, but he worries me because all
the Matthewites in Russia, Ukraine, etc. are
under him, and I don't think our faithful in
Russia are getting a balanced picture of what's
going on.

This group around Metropolitan Kirykos is not
only critical of everybody outside our jurisdiction;
they have also been very critical of both Archbishop
Andreas and Archbishop Nikolaos. I don't understand
their attitude.


Patrick Barrett

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