Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

нашли еще одну плащаницу

а я не могу удержаться, чтобы не предложить могущим посмотреть об этом по ящику:
>From Shimon Gibson" <> came this notice:

This is just to let you know that on Easter Sunday, 31st March 2002 at
13.10 pm there will the first showing of a documentary entitled "The
Mystery of the Shroud" on the ITV channel in the UK. It deals with the
exciting discovery of a shroud in a tomb in the Hinnom Valley near
Jerusalem dating from the first century AD and on the scientific work on
the find that was subsequently made by a group of medical experts. The
documentary also deals with the burial practices that were current at the
time of Jesus and the implications that this discovery has in regard to
the authenticity of the Turin Shroud.

I would be honoured if you will take the time to watch this documentary.

All the best
Shimon Gibson (Dr)

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