Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory


(по-английски: суть в том, что РПАЦ, наконец-то, присоединила почти всех зилотски настроенных "конвертов", оставшихся после РПЦЗ в США -- и, заодно, православную миссию на Гаити.)

Press Release:
The Orthodox Church of St. John the Russian
16 Mt. Pleasant Avenue
Ipswich, MA 01938
Telephone: 978-356-1207

His Eminence VALENTIN, Metropolitan of Suzdal and Vladimir, First Hierarch of the Autonomous Russian Orthodox Church visited the Orthodox Church of St. John the Russian for its Parish Feast. His Eminence arrived on Tuesday evening June 8th and served the All-Night Vigil. On Wednesday morning His Eminence, the local clergy and all of the faithful served an Hierarchical Divine Liturgy in celebration of St. John the Russian the great wonder-working patron of the parish.

The clergy who concelebrated with Metropolitan Valentin at the Feast were:

Protopriest Spyridon Schneider, Rector of the parish,
Protopresbyter Victor Melehov, Rector of Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Church in Worcester,
Protopriest Vladimir Shishkoff, Rector of St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church in Elmwood, NJ,
Abbot Andrew Maklakov,
Archimandrite Michael Graves, founder and head of The Orthodox Church in Haiti
and Priest Christopher Johnson, Assistant at The Church of St. John the Russian.

The Divine Liturgy was followed by a festive banquet prepared and served by Matushka Xenia Schneider and the Sisterhood of the Parish.

His Eminence spent the rest of the week visiting parishioners and attending the cycle of daily Divine Services which are always served at the parish of St. John the Russian.

On Saturday morning June 12th Metropolitan Valentin traveled to Worcester Massachusetts to visit the Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Church where he served the All-Night Vigil followed on Sunday Morning by an Hierarchical Divine Liturgy for the feast of All Saints of Russia.

Concelebrating with His Eminence on Sunday were:
Protopresbyter Victor Melehov, Rector,
Priest Michael Marcinowski, Assistant
and visiting clergy.

все эти новопринятые клирики не входят в нашу американскую епархию Денверскую и Колорадскую, а подчиняются непосредственно Синоду.

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