Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

еще малость по истории науки

теперь не по новизне, а по старости идей, с которыми надо разбираться до сих пор:

Kuhn, Thomas S. 1978. Blackbody Theory and the Quantum Discontinuity, 1894-1912. New York:
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Jammer, Max. 1974. The philosophy of quantum mechanics; the interpretations of quantum mechanics in historical perspective. New York: Wiley.

специально о тезисе Формана
(“Suddenly deprived by a change in public values of the approbation and prestige which they had enjoyed before and during World War I, the German physicists were impelled to alter their ideology and even the content of their science in order to recover a favorable public image. In particular, many resolved that one way or another, they must rid themselves of the albatross of causality.”)

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