Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory

о пользе (только) аналитической философии

для литературоведения (и не только):

We live in the era of poststructuralism, but this stage of intellectual history is more complex than some of its speakers would have us believe. To be sure, in Anglo-Saxon poststructuralist academic criticism the French and German philosophical "imports" are much more popular than the "native" analytic philosophy. But two suffers from this puzzling paradox? Analytic philosophy has preserved the sober spirit of critical thinking at a time of bloated verbosity. This spirit, which requires controlled theory formation and testing, precise conceptual analysis, and fair assessment of the ideas of the past, has not died but has carried us into computer age.

Lubomir Dolez^el, Heterocosmica. Fiction and Possible Worlds. Baltimore and London, 1998

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