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A World Congress and the Year of the Bible in Slovenia 2007

At the end of the Eighteenth Congress of the International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament (IOSOT) I was appointed as President of this Organization for the three years 2004-2007 in order to organise the next Congress of the IOSOT and of the related specialist organizations in Ljubljana 2007. The previous IOSOT Congresses were held in the following cities: Copenhagen, Denmark (1953); Strasbourg, France (1956); Oxford, Great Britain (1959); Bonn, Germany (1962); Geneva, Switzerland (1965); Rome, Italy (1968); Uppsala, Sweden (1971); Edinburgh, Great Britain (1974); Gottingen, Germany (1977); Vienna, Austria (1980); Salamanca, Spain (1983); Jerusalem, Israel (1986); Louvain, Belgium (1989); Paris, France (1992); Cambridge, Great Britain (1995); Oslo, Norway(1998); Basle, Switzerland (2001); Leiden, the Netherlands (2004).

The IOSOT is an international and inter-confessional organization. The Congress languages are English, German, and French. It is very good that acknowledged Jewish, Protestant and Catholic biblical scholars meet at these Congresses. But it is all the more regrettable that biblical scholars from the Orthodox Churches are missing. To fill this gap, the Congress 2007 in Ljubljana will put one of the main emphases on research into the history and principles of biblical hermeneutics in various Orthodox Churches in the period from the Middle Ages until the present day. A further sphere of our commitment is the state of biblical scholarship in south-east Europe and in the new World Churches.

We want to accomplish these goals with the help of experts and of sponsors. Everybody whom we reach with this announcement can help in one way or another: by informing interested biblical scholars, by mediating membership lists of national and international Bible organizations, by searching for experts in hermeneutics in Orthodox traditions, and by mediating addresses of possible sponsors. Specialists in the history and principles of hermeneutics in the Orthodox traditions must be sought throughout the world.

The effort to obtain sponsors is urgently needed because most biblical scholars from the East and from the realm of world Churches will have to rely on our support. We would like to offer them especially convenient conditions for taking part in the Congress.

With all good wishes and kind regards,

Prof. Joze Krasovec

Leiden, 2 September 2004

Professor Dr Joze Krasovec
President IOSOT
Dolnicarjeva 1
1000 Ljubljana
Dear Professor Krasovec,
It is my pleasure as secretary of the IOSOT to congratulate you on the high honour of being elected President of the IOSOT for the period 2004-2007.
My principal purpose in writing is to make a number of points in conexion with the next congress to be held in Ljubljana in 2007. These points pertain to certain rules and traditions of our organization.
(1) It is for you and your local committee to select the readers of the main papers at the congress. Previous readers of papers are not excluded, nevertheless it is good practice to include mainly those who have not so far been invited. Advice about possible names representing specific countries can always be sought from the Editorial Board of Vetus Testamentum, if this is considered desirable.
(2) Papers may be in English, French or German, and it is good to try to maintain some balance in this matter. It is also good to seek a balance as far as representation of Jews, Roman Catholics and Protestants is concerned. It is not easy, however, to secure a good balance; all one can do is to aim at it.
(3) Main papers read at the Congress are normally published in the Congress Volume, in the series Supplements to Vetus Testamentum.

(4) It has also become the practice to invite offers of short papers. Offers will need to be considered with all sobriety, to ensure satisfactory standards. These papers, or some of them, may also feature in a volume other than the official Congress Volume, depending upon publisher I editor interest.
(5) Your committee may also like to consider the possibility of themed Seminars or panel sessions. One way to organize such would be to select a scholar who would then invite a number of others to contribute on the theme or topic.
(6) It is good to encourage participation by East European and Third World countries, both for short papers and also for main papers as appropriate. Because of the probable need of financial assistance in most cases, the number of such participants has to be judged carefully.
(7) It is usual to publish notices about the congress in Vetus Testamentum. In this connexion, I should remind you that notices have to be submitted well in advance, since journal issues have to be sent to the printer months before actual publication.
I hope that these points will be of help to you and your committee. As soon as the dates of the XIXthe Congress are fixed, the dates of the congresses which are held in conjunction with that of the IOSOT - IOTS, IOSCS, IOQS, and IOMS - can be discussed.
Again, I send you my warm congratulations on the Presidency, and wish you and your local committee all success in the planning and the execution of the entire congress.
With my best wishes,

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