Bishop Gregory (hgr) wrote,
Bishop Gregory


помещаю тут для сведения письмо mitr на листе xenia:

Christ is risen!
Dear in Christ Nectarios,

Yes, there is a good mutual respect between people and clergy of HOCNA and
ROAC. Of course, there are some "buts" from both sides, but in general the
attitude is very good, and the ecclesiology is the same. In Russia people
like HOCNA a lot (including the TOC of Georgia, that is very close to
Russia). Very few priests in ROAC are exceptions, only those
ones who where switching jurisdictions (being once in HOCNA too) and those
who are now "obedient" to them.

HOCNA has only one priest in Russia, Father Alexey. He serves in
St.Petersburg, that is my city. I met Father Alexey and I like him. I would
not mind if his parish becomes a "podvorje" (metochion) of HOCNA in Russia in
some good days, and our parishioners who live in his region would go there.
But this seems to be a little far times for now.

I think it was the ROCOR who was making the atmosphere of hostility. Then it
changed to some unhealthy atmosphere near the dying body. Now ROCOR is dead,
and they are not able to cause that hostility again.


Мне просто приятно знать, что ты меня читаешь

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